Friday, March 16, 2012

Finally Friday March 16th!

Please help me welcome to this Finally warm Friday another book from Turquoise Morning Press' back list.
                   Today we have a great great lady and her fantastic book.....

Skeleton in a Dead Space


Judy Alter

A Kelly O'Connell Mystery, Book One

Kelly O'Connell never thought real estate was a dangerous profession, until she stumbled over a skeleton in a dead space in an early-twentieth-century Craftsman house she was transforming into coveted modern home in an older urban neighborhood. From that moment, she runs into teen-age gang members, a manipulative ex-husband, a needy and single pregnant friend, a cold-blooded murderer, and a policeman who wants to be more than her protector. As free-spirited as the chocolate-peanut-jalapeño candy she craves, Kelly barges through life trying to keep from angering her policeman-boyfriend, protect her two young daughters, pacify her worried mother a thousand miles away, and keep her real estate business afloat. Too often she puts herself in danger, and sometimes its the girls, not Mike, who come to Kelly’s rescue.

Rave Reviews:

~ Skeleton in a Dead Space is a fascinating mystery. After a real estate agent finds a skeleton in a house she's renovating, she strives to solve the mystery, while at the same time keeping her family safe from threats made about the skeleton. I was thoroughly drawn into the story, its twists, turns and layers. Many characters in the story are involved in the mystery, which makes it all the more interesting.

~ I love reading mysteries, and it is rare to find a book like Skeleton in a Dead Space that is well written AND suspenseful AND difficult to put down. The characters have depth and are interesting, making this wonderful book even better. Definitely worth reading. Great mystery!

~ Enjoy walking in Fort Worth as you follow a profusion of characters in this complicated tale. Wait, as did I, until you reach the very last pages to find the truth of the story. You likely won't figure it out earlier.

About our Author:          

My most recent books are Extraordinary Women of Texas and Great Texas Chefs (both TCU Press) and Cooking My Way through Life with Kids and Books (State House Press).

I am the author of seven published novels for adults—Mattie, Ballad for Sallie, So Far from Paradise, Libbie, Jessie, Cherokee Rose, and Sundance, Butch and Me--and eight for young adults—After Pa Died, Luke and the Van Zandt Country War, Maggie and a Horse Named Devildust, Maggie and the Search for Devildust, Maggie and Devildust—Ridin’ High, Katie and the Recluse, Callie Shaw—Stableboy, and Sam Houston is My Hero. I have also written numerous nonfiction books for young adults, one collection of short stories—Sue Ellen Learns to Dance and Other Stories, and a critical biography of Texas novelist Elmer Kelton.

I am a member of Western Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and the SinC subgroup Guppies, the Texas Institute of Letters, Western Writers of America, Inc., and the Texas State Historical Association.

I am a regular blogger ( and regular reader of the listservs from the Guppies and Sisters in Crime. My web page is

Judy's book Skeleton in a Dead Space can be purchased HERE.  Get your copy today!

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