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Author, author...Anything But Sweet all about it !!

Please welcome the fantastic author of Anything BUT SWEET, Candis Terry !!

Hi Candis and Welcome, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi! And thank you so much for letting me drop in today! If I’m a new to you author I write sexy sweet small town contemporary romance. I always add a touch of quirkiness, some interesting secondary characters (including those with fur), and hopefully a lot of heart and soul.

What did you want to be when you were growing up or did you always want to be a writer?

When I was a kid I was a readaholic but it never occurred to me to be a writer. I wanted to be a performer. Mostly a dancer although I also have a past of singing.

When did you first start writing?

I dabbled a little bit in high school with some really teenage angsty poetry. But I didn’t get serious about writing until after I had my daughter and started reading romance. A story idea hit me and that was that. So basically I started 28 years ago. Sheesh that’s a long time!

What is a typical writing day like for you?

Crazy. About a month ago I left my day job and now I devote all my time to writing. Before I left the day job a typical day meant 8 hours of that and then 5-6 hours a night of writing. Now I do most of the business end in the mornings (which can take several hours) and then I write. I still haven’t broken myself from the habit of writing at night. I do take occasional breaks from the keyboard to walk through my garden, or go out back and watch our alfalfa grow and hang out with my dogs. Once they start snoring I know its time to get back to work.

Do you have any specific routine you follow or specific items you need with you when you write?

Coffee, and lots of it. Once I open up my manuscript I usually go over what I’d written the day before and edit or add a little, then I try to move on and not obsess. Notice I said “try.”

What is your favorite part of writing?  Is there anything you don’t like about being a writer?

My favorite part is seeing the characters come alive. Each one is so different and very often they end up being a lot different than I first imagined. Anything I don’t like? Hmmm. Missed opportunities. Places where later I realize something about the character or the story and it’s too late to change or add.

What is your favorite length of book to write?  (Short story, novella, full length novel) Why?

Full length. I have a hard time stopping. I know each scene needs to matter and so I do my best to stay on track. But sometimes I just manage to keep throwing curveballs at the characters and so far they haven’t figured out a way to stop me.

How does your family feel about your writing and you being an author?
Oh my god, they’re saints. Truly. While they are very supportive (and they definitely go above and beyond that call) and beyond patient, sometimes they get frustrated. I’m trying to be better at walking away from the keyboard but usually they have to haul me out into the forest and plop me on an ATV before I can completely let go.

Is there a to-be-read waiting on your bedside table?

You bet there is. I was just handed it last night—an ARC of Rachel Gibson’s September 2013 release of RUN TO YOU. I can’t wait!

Just for fun, I have a few personal questions, 

Favorite 5
  1)   Favorite Holiday — Christmas.
  2)   Favorite Drink — Anything coffee related. Or Diet Pepsi.
  3)   Favorite Author — Ah, come on! One? Impossible.
  4)   Favorite Book — At the moment, Kristan Higgins The Best Man
  5)   Favorite Animal — German shepherd. Really. I couldn’t say anything else with two pairs of German shepherd eyes staring up at me from their place by my flip-flops.

And for a bonus:  What is a typical mood for you?  And is your mood different when you’re writing?

Frenzied. And nope.

Do you have a favorite recipe you'd like to share?  I like to cook and am always looking for new recipes to try and share.

I haven’t put this one up on my website yet but it was inspired by a restaurant in my new book ANYTHING BUT SWEET.


Prep Time: 15 min
Total Time: 35 min
Servings: 16

1 refrigerated pie crust, softened as directed on box
1/3 cup canned apple pie filling, apples chopped into small pieces
1/3 cup caramel topping

Heat oven to 450°F.
Unroll pie crust on work surface. Using rolling pin, roll out slightly. Using 2 1/2- to 3-inch round cookie cutter, cut 16 rounds from pie crust. Press rounds into 16 ungreased mini muffin cups, folding edges if needed. Generously prick each crust with fork.
Bake 4 to 6 minutes or until light brown. Cool 2 minutes in pan before removing to cooling rack to cool completely.
Fill each cooled cup with 1 teaspoon pie filling. Drizzle 1 teaspoon caramel sauce over top of each. Serve immediately.

Where can our readers find you??  

Is there an upcoming or current release you would like to share with us today and where can we find it?

Anything But Sweet
Sweet Texas Series 

A man who doesn’t like change . . . 

The Wilder family is something of a Sweet, TX institution: between their yearly BBQ blow-outs and their Hardware and Feed store, they’re an institution—an institution that ex-marine Reno Wilder has tried to preserve, in honor of his lost loved ones. But it seems like he’s the only one who’s got any respect left for traditions when a new TV makeover show rolls in to renovate Sweet to bring in more tourists. Everyone is pleased except Reno—and this cowboy is determined to keep everything just the way he likes it.

A woman who wants to change everything . . .

Inquisitive. Stubborn. Smart. Drop dead gorgeous. That would be makeover show host and designer, Charlotte Brooks—the woman Reno has declared war against. And yet, he can’t seem to keep away from her, or to get her off his mind. Charlotte isn’t afraid to back down from a challenge—of any kind—and she’s promised to prove to Reno that change can be sexy, hot, and very, very sweet, if Reno and Charli learn to let go of their pasts and grab hold of a future full of promise.

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What an adorably sweet read!!  I think Ms. Terry has created a couple of lovable characters in Reno and Charli and took the time to develop the Romance despite Reno's utter dislike of change.  Who can resist the honest charms of a sweet beautiful woman and Reno can't help but feel protective even though he wasn't thrilled to find out she was living above his barn. (i liked that part :))  I think Reno is my type of guy! Of course, I have a huge thing for cowboys and the fact he's an ex-marine doesn't hurt.

Charli was definitely a sweet addition to the story, the town and really to Reno's life.  Charli's childhood was one that made her ache for the little things including a family and a place to call her own so it was fitting that the Wilders welcomed her so easily.  

I loved the small town feel in this story as well and felt jealous because I've always wanted to live in one just like this.  I also thought Reno's family ties, as in his mom and brothers are definitely important in creating a strong background and possibly future story lines.  

Great job Candis Terry and I'll most definitely be searching out your other titles.   This is one of my highly recommended reads !

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  1. I found this book on goodreads and plan to read,sounds really ineteresting!
    Thanks for the amazing giveaway! :)
    Greeting from the heart! :)

  2. Hi Bube! Hope you'll enjoy Reno and Charli's story. And good luck with the giveaway!

  3. Good morning! And thank you for hosting today.

    I always love to know what readers think about small town romances. What do you like? Dislike? Would like to see in the future?

  4. The book looks great. I need to put this on my tbr pile.

  5. Great interview! I am looking forward to reading this! I love the cover & it sounds like my kind of book.

  6. Oh, and PS Kristan's book is excellent!