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Review: When It's Least Expected by Heather Van Fleet


When It’s Least Expected
Heather Van Fleet
Moving on after a tragedy can be impossible – especially when you’ve been dealing with those tragedies for over two years. But it’s her senior year, and Harley Anderson is more than ready to do just that, even though the skeletons in her closet can’t exactly be hidden.
Enter Mason Daniel, the egotistical, sexy, surfer boy from California – a boy with his own hidden demons, and even bigger secret agenda.
Mason isn’t right for Harley. He knows this better than anyone. He’s the epitome of a runner–a guy who takes what he can get, only to split a short while later. But he can’t deny the emotions that Harley brings out of him, so he’s going to break his rules for once.

He should have known what it would lead to… Two kindred souls – both lost and then found. Will they fail, once again, in their search for contentment and happiness, or will they finally find true love, when it’s least expected?

My Review:
When It's Least Expected wasn't at all what I expected but it is what the title says, 'when it's least expected', you read a book that throws you completely! I didn't used to be a YA reader but I am truly and thoroughly hooked.  As an author, i know the feeling of that nail-biting pulling-your-hair-out having to wait for a review , not knowing if the reader will like it but our author, Heather Van Fleet shouldn't ever have to worry about this one again. 
What a great story and I loved Harley  !!!  I also truly believe that surfer boy Mason is her perfect match! ( my daughter would seriously be crushing on him :)   The characters in When It's Least Expected were definitely well developed with depth, personal character and conflict.  This story touched on alot of issues, a steady mix of  that high school love/hate drama and actually what teenagers go through on a daily basis in their lives.  Cause let me tell you, having a high schooler myself, lord knows I know drama.  Ms. Van Fleet knocked this one out of the park for sure !
 I hesitate to say too much because I want other readers to experience and fall in love with the book themselves instead of getting all the good stuff here but I will say that this story is now taking top ranks in my favorite YA books and i really hope that book 2 doesn't take too long.....
Heather, you ROCK !!!  (oh and I LOVE the cover :))
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Now, check out this excerpt from When It's Least Expected !

Mason’s heart raced, his hands trembled. His mouth went dry. Finally, she turned around, and shit … there was no way he could tear his eyes away at that point.

Damn, when had he turned into a creeper?

Her profile appeared first as she dug her slender hand into some wallet thingy. And then boom, she finally glanced up at him.

He gaped, and then he blinked. Holy … shit … the girl … was a goddess.

His body numbed, his eyes bugged from his head. The breath in his chest was lost in that stunned sort of way, just as the sexy as sin creature, with the chocolate brown eyes, glared back at him. Mason blinked again, this time his jaw practically became unhinged. He knew he should look away, or maybe at least wipe the drool hanging from his mouth, but he was too frozen in place to  do a damn thing.

“What the hell are you staring at?” she snarled. Her upper lip curled on one side, Elvis style.

 Damn… Who knew grimaces could be so sexy? She owned that grimace – worked it like it was her sex slave. Like a love sick puppy, Mason found himself grinning back at her, only to get assaulted with more nasty words from that pretty full-lipped mouth.

“Umm, are you going to answer me sometime tonight, pal, or are you just going to stand there, grinning like the idiot you most likely are?” She finished wiping off her hands with some sort of napkin before she moved in closer, stalking him with fierceness in her hateful eyes.

 The site of her body coming near should have had Mason running, but he didn’t. Couldn’t was the better word. He needed to be near her. Hell, he needed to touch her… He tucked his hands back in his pockets to keep from doing just that. He had to get control before he did something stupid.

“I couldn’t help but notice your little problem, so I thought I’d be your knight in shining armor tonight…” he winked. God, where did all his game go? He wanted to smack his own face, but he was too distracted by the sudden appearance of her barely there freckles across her cream colored skin. In fact, the closer she got to him, the harder he tightened his fists to fight off the freakish urge to reach out and play connect the dots with them.

He shook his head, clearing his pussy thoughts, taking a breath to steady his voice at the same time. He wiped a damp palm down the front of his face. There was no way some little Midwestern girl, with hair that resembled midnight ocean waves, was going to get to him.

“Wow, I’ve got my own very own hero here, Abs. Why ever didn’t you tell me?” She tried her hand at an Alabama drawl, fanning her face at the same time. Her attitude should have turned him off, but damn if it didn’t draw him in more.

“Hey now, no need to get an attitude with me, little beast,” he replied, digging the lost key chain from his pocket. Her eyes narrowed down at his hands, reaching out to swipe it from him. He grinned, holding it above his head. No way was he letting it go that easily.

It was play time.


About the Author:

Heather Van Fleet currently resides in northern Illinois, with her three daughters, Kelsey, Emma, and Isabella, and her fabulous hubby (and high school sweetheart) Chris, with whom she’s been blissfully married to now for ten plus years. She’s a stay at home mom by day, and an avid and completely obsessive writer and reader by night.




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