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Has anyone out there ever let their husband or their boyfriend take a picture of them naked? How about letting him film the two of you having sex? It seems like every time we turn around another celebrity is having her pictures plastered across the internet, but more and more people continue to put their most private moments on film. It’s fun and exciting—at least when both lovers want to do it.

But what do you do if your boyfriend is the only one obsessed with the camera? The idea of having your private moments caught on filmturns your stomach but he can’t stop talking about it, pulling out the camera and pushing you to just relax a little and have some fun with him.

That’s the situation my heroine finds herself facing in my new novel, Please Stop Filming. April loves Mark and wants to make a life with him, but his obsession with the camera is becoming a serious problem in their relationship. Should she compromise her values or stand firm and risk losing her man?

What would you do in this situation? To find out what April does, please check out, Please Stop Filming.


I hope you enjoy it!
Veronica Tower
April has a problem. Her boyfriend, Mark, has developed a new hobby – setting up a video camera to record them in the bedroom – and he’s not taking no for an answer. The more that April resists and complains, the more certain Mark becomes that she is the one with the problem – that she is the one refusing to be supportive. Desperate for a return to some normalcy in their relationship, April agrees to make a single movie, never dreaming that Mark would take this as permission to invite a stranger into their home to operate the camera. Will there be no end to Mark’s madness? Will anything induce him to Please Stop Filming?
They had another fight about Mark’s camera at the breakfast table the next morning.
“You know the problem wasn’t only because we moved further down the couch,” Mark said.
“Even before we moved,” Mark explained, “the camera was missing a lot of our action.”
April sighed and suppressed the desire to say something crude and emasculating.
Mark didn’t seem to notice her restraint. “You were doing some incredible things to my cock and the camera missed a lot of it. The same things happened when I mounted you from behind. You are beautiful and I know that scene was hot, but that doesn’t shine through the way I think it should have. I’m going to have to give this some thought.”
“Perhaps,” April chose her words very carefully. “You should think about giving up the camera or at least putting it away for a while.”
“What?” Mark asked. It was painfully obvious that this idea had never occurred to him.
“Look what’s happening to us, Mark. Two weeks without sex and then that debacle in bed last night.”
Mark spoke past a mouthful of Cheerios. “Those two weeks were your fault. I was trying to fuck you the entire time.”
April felt her temperature rising but she managed to keep control of herself. “I was eager to have sex too—just not in front of your camera. You weren’t willing to compromise on that.”

“And neither were you,” Mark reminded her.

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