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Tasty Tuesday & a Teaser ~ Eva LaFoy

Every Tuesday we'll welcome an Author who will share a foodie type post
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Today please help me welcome Eva LaFoy...
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Chickpea Tagine with Cinnamon, Cumin and Carrots


This is MY adulterated version, with comments and changes.




2 tbs olive oil

1 small onion, thinly sliced

3 cloves garlic, minced (1tbs)

2 14.5-oz cans of chickpeas, rinsed and drained – I always buy the lower salt and don’t worry about the ozs since mine never match either!

3 medium carrots, peels and sliced into thin rounds – add more if you like, and I cut mine smaller

¼ cup dried currants – I use raisins instead

1 tsp ground turmeric

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1 tsp ground cumin

¼ tsp cayenne pepper – FYI this is a lot! Use much less to taste, or skip it all together

2 tsp honey – I never have added, and have not missed it! Too many calories anyway IMO

½ cup plain Greek-style plain yoghurt

3 tbs finely chopped parsley




1.       Heat oil in large skillet over medium heat. Add onion and garlic, and saut√© 2 to 3 minutes, or until onion slices are soft.

a.       Note: the recipe doesn’t say to do this but – I add the spices here and let the oil absorb and heat them, releasing their flavors. Very aromatic as well! Only after that’s done would I add the rest.

2.       Add the chickpeas, carrots, raisins, honey and 2 cups water. Cover and simmer 20 to 25 mins, stirring occasionally.

a.       Note: If your carrots will take longer to cook, you might par-boil them or cook them separately and then add to the final mixture for the last few mins of cooking. Sometimes carrots can be tough little buggers to get done!

3.       Divide tagine among 4 bowls. Garnish each serving with dollop of yoghurt, and sprinkle with parsley.




This is a great recipe if you’ve been going more toward the veg side of eating. It’s also quite nice on a cold winter day, with just enough spice to tickle your tastebuds (without the cayenne mind you!) and also filling.


I know, I promised Krista a curry recipe, but the spices are almost the same. Really, it’s a Moroccan style curry is what it is.


In my book, Sex, Ties and Videotape, the two men go to The Coastal Kitchen in Seattle, WA to eat dinner. Paul orders the jambalaya, which as you might know is a Louisiana Creole dish which is their almost-version of a curry. IMO. But the spicing is a little different – they use paprika, thyme and cayenne rather than the more exotic spices of Morocco.


Of course, the two characters have already had sex the night before, but their lovemaking takes a new twist after a run-in with an ex-boyfriend at the restaurant. Here’s an excerpt from Sex, Ties and Videotape to chew on while you consider your dinner options:



Sex, Ties and Videotape is available from:



Here's an excerpt:
     They gulped their beers, got the food packaged to go, and stumbled out onto the dark street.  At the car, Paul pulled Geoffrey roughly against him.  Their shirts were damp.  He could feel the hard planes of Paul's chest against his.  "Fuck," Paul whispered and lowered his mouth.
     Geoffrey's lips were captured but his hands were not.  He breathed into Paul's mouth and groped his body, his hands sliding easily over the silky fabric.  Paul's body was hard everywhere and Geoffrey's cock responded in kind.  There were some irresistible about Paul tonight.  The way he'd manned up to Brian fucking turned him on.  His ass relaxed; delight and anticipation shivering through it.  He tilted his head back and let Paul's tongue snake toward his throat.
     A low rumble worked its way through Paul's chest to vibrate against hi lips.  Their torsos crashed against each other, their cocks rubbed.  With a long shuddering breath, Paul lifted his head and pressed a peck to Geoffrey's cheek"Get in the car before I come on the street."

Thanks for reading!





Eva Lefoy writes and reads all kinds of romance, and is a certified Trekkie. She’s also terribly addicted to chocolate, tea, and hiking. One of these days, she’ll figure out the meaning of life, quit her job, and go travel the galaxy. Until then, she’s writing down all her dirty thoughts for the sake of future explorers.




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