Sunday, November 3, 2013

My Swapoween Treats

I've been blogging for a few years now and this year I did something completely new to me :)

While browsing blogs, I found a fun blog swap through Chaotic Goddess Swaps with a Halloween theme because I love Halloween !

So I signed up and they paired me with a fantastic partner, Lauren from Shooting Stars Mag.  Just click on her blog name and it'll take you to the post she did to reveal the gifts I sent to her.  Below are the gifts that she so graciously sent to me and that I LOVE!!!!    She did such a great job. 

We first have a purple glass jar entitled Graveyard Dust and it has a sealable lid with black and orange gumballs and there's also a jelly sucker, which I love :)  In our numerous conversations back & forth she found out that I have 3 kids so while all the gifts are for and fitting to me, they also fit my kids to a T!

I can never have enough dish towels and I like this one so well, it may stay out year round :)

And as far as decorating, gel window clings are my favorite :)  

Then without me telling Lauren, she picked 2 more things on my favorites list....

A Scooby Doo dvd (which is my favorite cartoon and my kids') and a cupcake kit (I love to bake !)

I do have to say though the item that thrilled me the most is the book she picked for me.... How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper.

I only ever told her I like to read so her picking a book that would strike my interest?  Well that's one in a million with as many books out on the market today.

Lauren, you are awesome and you did a great job picking things out for me !  I couldn't be more pleased :)

I wholeheartedly recommend Blog Swaps and the ladies at Chaotic Goddess Swaps do it up right !!!


  1. I'm so glad you liked all of your goodies!! I hope you love the book when you get a chance to check it out. Molly is a favorite author of mine. :-)


  2. Yay! We're so glad you two were a great match- the book looks fun (and I love window clings, too!). Well done, Lauren...and thanks, Krista, for joining us and being a great swapper! :D