Thursday, June 27, 2013

Author, author... Free on Amazon... Snapshot to Destiny all about it !!

Snapshot to Destiny
Christie A.C. Gucker
FREE on Amazon June 27th - 28th

Willow Reese has always been drawn to photography.  So much, that she owns a small photo lab where her customers who haven't moved into the digital age can still get their film developed.

Her clientele range from grandmothers with photos of grandkids to morticians with pictures to make you cringe, and one very sexy professional photographer named Spencer, who she's always been sweet on.

But one day, her whole world shatters when she finds that a series of photos cause her to have a reaction that will shake the foundation of everything she's always believed in.  Her life will never be the same, not unless she chooses to make it remain as it was destined.

Can Willow find happiness in what life already has destined for her, or will she change everything that she desires?


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