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Super excited to have Carla Caruso with us today :)   

Welcome, so great to have you here with us.  Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hello, I’m an Australian author called Carla Caruso. I’m behind the new eBook, Mommy Blogger (Eternal Press)! I’ve had a varied career as a newspaper and magazine journalist, government PR, fashion stylist – and now author. Hobbies include watching trashy TV shows, fashion, astrology and running.

Do real-life events find their way into your stories?
Mommy Blogger was actually inspired by once applying to write for a mothers’ website, pretending I was a mom – when, in truth, I’m not. My clueless story ideas, needless to say, didn’t make the cut. I like to let my own experiences color my writing as a sort of therapy! You can get things down on the page – like, about that horrible boss you hated – and actually laugh about it and make good of a bad experience. Your experiences are unique to you, and great fodder for writing, and (hopefully) readers will find it all weird and interesting. 

Do you ever mimic family members or people you know when you choose characters?
Yes, but the characters usually comprise a mix of people’s traits – they’d never be a total copy of one person haha! Plus, any mimicked traits are usually over-exaggerated and are ‘colored’ through my own perception of that person. They’d probably see themselves very differently! I carry a mini notepad around and sometimes, when I’m with my sisters, I’ll write down something funny they say off-hand and they’ll give me a killer stare and ask me where I’m going to use it - oops! (Don’t know if I’d like if they did the reverse to me…)

Do you find yourself going back to the same inspiration for each story or is it always something different?
I think everyone has some sort of message/theme to their books that they can’t help repeating. Mine seems to be a lot of ‘fish out of water’ stuff, because I’ve often felt like that in situations, from being a city slicker in my first journalism job at a country newspaper, to, on the other hand, being a small-town Adelaide girl moving to the big city of Sydney, Australia. I also often have stuff about ‘living in the past’ and things I could have done differently. I think that’s because I have a certain nostalgia about what’s past!

When do you write?  Early morning? During the day sometime or all day?  After the kids go to bed?
I don’t have kids yet haha, so that’s out! I’m an at-home freelance journalist, so when I get the chance, I write during the day now. I would like to haul myself out of bed early morning, but love my sleep, and if I write at night, I toss and turn with ideas or things I could have written better.

How do you feel about marketing your book?
It’s a bit scary, putting yourself out there. I’m not usually a self-promoter type, but it’s something you have to do, otherwise no one will know about your stuff – or read it!

What social sites do you feel work best for marketing?
I’ve just got onto Twitter and that seems quite good. Facebook, of course! Having your own blog can also help people find out more about you if they’ve read your work and are curious. (Mine’s at www.carlacaruso.com.au.)

Do you like to pitch stories to your publisher or do you wait until you have written the story and have a final manuscript to turn in?
I like to wait until it’s written, because usually it winds up looking slightly different to how I first envisaged. Plus, I find I can feel more passionate and confident about it when I know everything about it! I’m also stubborn once I have an idea in my head. I want to write it, no matter what, and don’t want to be swayed by another person’s doubts.

Is there any other genre that you would love to try writing?  If so, what is it?
 Young adult fiction! My writing style is quite light-hearted and humorous (hopefully), so think it could suit.

Do you always/ever see yourself as the heroine/hero when you write a story?
Sometimes! Depends how much they look/act like me. Some characters have been quite different, so it’s been like slipping into a role as an actor. Stella from Mommy Blogger is blond (I’m brunette) and quite OTT and ‘out there’ (I’m more laidback and quieter, I like to think.) In another of my books, Cityglitter, the half-fairy, half-human heroine’s also blond and ultra-gorgeous… like a Victoria’s Secret Angel, but with wings! Unfortunately, I don’t have any wings…

Just for fun, I have a few personal questions, 

Favorite 5
1)    Favorite Male Actor – Mark Wahlberg (it’s a childhood crush thing!)
2)    Favorite vehicle – Ferrari, naturally
3)    Favorite way to relax – Watching a rom-com
4)    Favorite ice cream – Coffee or mango-flavored – can’t pick just one!
5)    Favorite outfit – Skinny jeans

And for a bonus:  If you could pick any place in the world to live, besides where you are now, where would it be?  (Of course, without the hindrance of jobs or money needed)
The glamorous Monaco! (I’ve been there too, nicely)


Where can our readers find you?? 

Twitter: @CarlaCaruso79
Website/blog: www.carlacaruso.com.au
Amazon author page: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B009H28WN4
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6541142.Carla_Caruso
TRR/Manic: http://www.manicreaders.com/index.cfm?disp=bookdetail&bookid=28124

Is there an upcoming or current release you would like to share with us today and where can we find it?

Yes! As follows… Mommy Blogger by Carla Caruso 

BLURB: One baby, one lie–and a whole new career. Stella lands a great job as a mommy blogger. The catch is she’s never had children. Plunged into a world of insanity every mother faces, she must learn to cope as her lies build upon one another. A sexy ex comes into the picture, forcing her to choose between him or the job and a handsome ‘keeper’ of a co-worker. It can’t last forever.

Find it at…



Last but not least before we let you go, do you have a favorite recipe you'd like to share?  I like to cook and am always looking for new recipes to try and share but it's totally up to you.

(This is a healthy one I’ve stolen from my friend, Jennifer!)



1 large can of Edgell's 4 Bean Mix
1 red tomato
1/2 a cucumber
1/2 a red onion
1/2 a lemon + olive oil for the dressing


1. Pour the 4 bean mix into your salad bowl
2. Chop up the tomato, cucumber and onion and throw them in with your bean mix
3. Drizzle with some olive oil and squeeze your 1/2 lemon into it
4. Mix it up and it's ready

Carla, thank you so much for being with us today and I cannot wait to read Mommy Blogger!! Congrats on your release :)

Readers, make sure you get yourcopy of Mommy Blogger today at either of these spots! 

Until next time, happy reading!!


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