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Jaye Shields
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Hi Jaye and welcome.  Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Jaye, born and raised in Seattle, and currently living in the SF bay area. I’m a travel addict and Paris is my go-to spot. I’ll be back as soon as it snows because I’ve never been to the city of light when it’s covered in white. Maybe I’ll end up like Ernest Hemingway or the other greats and write my next erotic masterpiece in Ol’ Paree.


What or who initially inspired you to become a writer?

I’m lucky enough to have been born into a family that surrounded me with books from an early age. I remember being 12 years old and thinking, I can do this. My family encouraged me ever since the days I wrote with crayons. Even now, writing erotica, I’m lucky to have a family that supports me. My mom just might be my biggest fan. Even my grandma has read Confessions of a Sex Demon!


What kind of research do you do for a novel and how extensive do you get?

For my sex demon books, no research. However, I was in school during most of the books I’ve written. The idea for my first full-length, Secrets of the Jaguar, was conceived while I was in my Maya Civ archaeology class looking at Olmec were-jaguar figures. My second full-length, Secrets of the Fog, was inspired by images I saw during my Classical archaeology class. Sex Demons, well, let’s just say I have a wicked imagination…


Do you have a special place you like to do your writing? Such as an office, a spare room, the dining room table, your couch?

There’s a coffee house I go to and it’s full of color, light and art. The black and white checkered floor, sea green walls, and local art that fills the walls make me feel like I’m in a wonderland. And don’t even get me started on the beautiful, caffeinated concotions they have there. If I’m not at my favorite coffee shop, Julie’s, I’m on my couch. This is a hard spot to write though because my cat always seats himself between me and the keys. When this becomes a problem, I move to the writing table I have. I live in a studio, so there’s limited choices and my cat Nyx just follows me around.


As a reader, what types of works do you like to read and do you think they influence the genre/genres you write in?

I rarely have time to read while I’m in the middle of a work in progress. I love reading historicals and paranormals, the two genres I’m most interested in writing. I think reading is not only a time thing for me, but I don’t like knowing there’s a possibility of being influenced during my writing process.


What is your favorite method of writing...as in laptop, desktop, Ipad or the old fashioned pencil and paper??  And do you plot out your story or go with the flow of your muse?

If I plot, I plot in pencil, but most of the time I just write, not plot. My fingers fly across the laptop keys leaving inspiration and typos in their midst. I have a badass old-fashioned typewriter that I use for poetry.


When you need a break or some time off from the trials of being a writer, what can you be found doing?

 Walking around Alameda, gazing at the grand Victorians or the outline of San Francisco glittering in the distance.I’m either listening to music or playing guitar. If I’m home and on my couch, I’m watching Family Guy.Hilarious.


Is there anything about yourself nobody knows that you would like to share with our readers??

When I was 18, I spent 3 months traveling around Europe by myself. One of my favorite destinations besides Paris is Cinque Terre, Italy and Ireland. To save money and meet incredible locals, I couch surfed.


For fun, I have a few personal questions,

Your Favorite 5

1) Favorite color – Crimson or Evergreen. Represents my romantic side and my earthy side

2) Favorite dessert – Flourless chocolate cake or banana ice cream

3) Favorite Season – Fall. I love the scent of rain and fermented leaves.

4) Favorite sad song- “Leave” by Glen Hansard. His voice is so gritty and tormented. His lyrics wreak havoc on this sensitive Pisces.

5) Favorite Romantic movie – Midnight in Paris (with the romantic heroine being Paris) My close seconds would be French Kiss (see a pattern here) and Last of the Mohicans or the Notebook. Gosh, I just couldn’t choose one.


And a bonus, what is your ideal romantic vacation??

Romantic…hmm…hard to imagine since I don’t have a guy right now.  A romantic vacay for one would be Italy, because I’ve never been there and not have a guy offer to make me dinner. Tee-hee. That being said. Paris is my go-to favorite. Mexico is a close second, my favorite spots being La Paz, Mexico City, and Tulum.


Where can our readers find you?? 


Twitter: @JayeShields


Website/blog: www.JayeShields.com



Is there an upcoming or current releaseyou would like to share with us today and where can we find it?

Confessions of a Sex Demon

Content Warning: strong language, graphic sex, light BDSM scenes


Zahra proves that sex demons do it better as she goes from captive to captivator.

Sex Demon Zahra Aniron is a closet romantic. Too bad she spends her time having hot, kinky sex with paying strangers. But she needs the money to pay off her sister's debt to wizard thugs. There could be worse things than getting paid for pleasure, especially since a sex demon needs climax to survive.

As a blacksmith, Lennox Aegros puts his fury to good use pounding steel into swords. When he arrives at a new town, his real cause for being there isn't to sell weaponry, it's for revenge. When he finds the succubus he's been searching for, her beauty means he can mix business with pleasure. But the joke's on Lennox, because as he succeeds in torturing his victim by repeatedly bringing her to the brink of orgasm and then denying her the release that she so desperately needs, he realizes that Zahra's slow demise means the breaking of a heart he didn't think he had.




Zahra woke to a sharp pinch against her skin. She tried to peel open her eyelids, but they were heavy stones. She wanted to touch her eyes, but her arms moved nowhere. Fear caused her lids to fly open only to realize that she was indeed strapped down.

The perpetrator smiled, but it was subtle. Very subtle. His tan skin was darker in the dim room. His blue irises appeared so light that his eyes became demonic charcoals glaring at her in the shadowy room. He finished strapping her foot down.

“Do you like your accommodations, demon?”

“You should have asked Bane for help decorating. He’s also very good at the dark, gloomy dungeon thing.” She’d hoped to sound feisty, but instead, her voice was nothing more than a pitiful rasp.

“Since you’re used to your mouth being filled, I’ll help you.” Lennox stood over her. She never took her eyes from his intense frown as he tied a scarf around her mouth. He pulled it tight enough to cut into the edges of her mouth. Zahra did her best to smash his fingers into the cold metal table she was strapped to. Unfortunately, the back of her head missed its mark and thunked hard against the steel.

At least she could still see what was taking place. Fear coursed through her. She barely knew this man and she couldn’t imagine what he had in store for her. She was a succubus, used to kinky requests, and most men knew they didn’t need to kidnap her for such a session. She watched Lennox’s tall form cross the mostly empty room. The only furniture was a small table. Probably where he kept his—

Scissors. Lennox turned toward her with a pair in his hand. As he walked in her direction, he looked entirely too innocent to be foreboding. His blond hair was a stark contrast against his tan skin. She’d felt his muscles earlier and they were those of an intense lover, not a fighter. Clearly this guy was tweaked. He was hot as hell and normally she liked freaky guys. If he hadn’t insulted her ever since they first met, they might’ve even had a chance. No charge.

Lennox stood between her legs and she could barely see him from her tight bondage against the table. The cold metal of the scissors slipped under her corset. As the fabric began falling away, the soft groan of the metal cutting through thick black fabric echoed in the empty room. Her tight top became looser with every passing second. Heat crept into her body. Good news: she had the feeling this guy could make her come. Hard. The bad news: she was kidnapped by a psychopath and no one knew where she was.

Maybe he’s a trap-and-set-free kind of psychopath.Love ’em and leave ’em.

            “Your body betrays you. You crave your abductor, don’t you, succubus?”

She avoided his gaze by staring at the ceiling. Zahra could feel the heat from his intense appraisal of her body as he guided the shears across her pants. Apparently, he was leaving no clothes for her to try to escape in. It was becoming clearer by the moment that he had no plans for her to leave.

Purchase Book: Beachwalk Press 


About Jaye:Born and raised in the grunge capitol, she took her love of music and poetry from the Pacific Northwest to California. Now she lives in Alameda, a quaint island town in the Bay Area. With a degree in Anthropology-emphasis in Archaeology, she’s itching to climb some more pyramids. When she’s not writing, she’s either at her day-job or taking long walks along the Alameda beach and gazing at the outline of San Francisco in the distance. Oh yes, and her heart can generally be found in Paris...


Coming Soon From Jaye Shields:

Erotic Novellas

Confessions of a Sex Demon: Available now from Beachwalk Press

Claiming of a Sex Demon: Dec. 2012 from Beachwalk Press

Addictions of a Sex Demon: Feb. 2013 from Beachwalk Press


Sensual Full-lengths

Secrets of the Fog: Oct 2012 from Crimson Romance

Secrets of the Sky: Feb. 2013 from Crimson Romance

Secrets of the Jaguar: June 2013 from Crimson Romance


 Thanks so much for being with us today Jaye!  It was great getting to know you. 

Readers, make sure you get your copy today of Confessions of a Sex Demon.

Purchase Book: Beachwalk Press
Until next time, happy reading!!


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