Sunday, July 1, 2012

Author, author... all about it !

  Today we have a guest post from a great author and I'm excited for you to read it.........

Hi, I’m Tamaria Soana. First, I would like to thank Krista Ames for having me here today! 
Who is Tamaria you might be wondering? I’m a forty year old stay-at-home of two young girls. I’ve always loved to read, especially on a cold Buffalo night. My first book Obsession published this past March and my feet still haven’t touched the ground. Besides writing, I co-own Shades of Rose Marketing and Shades of Rose YA Marketing. I also host a talk show on Talkshoe called Live with Tamaria ~ Giving authors a voice.

I’m here today to talk about my newest short story, Tropical Cougar. It’s just over 3,000 words of sexy fun! I’ve been wanting to write a cougar type story for a while now. The older woman, younger man pairing to me is highly erotic.
When mulling over the aspect of my story and developing it, I knew I wanted the following things. A tropical location, my heroine to be strong, and my hero to a bit lost in life.
Tropical Cougar is only available on Amazon through Ruby Lioness Press.
Will one night with an older woman change everything?

After finding the love of his life in bed with someone else, twenty-six-year-old  Seth Reynolds wanted a fresh start and found it in Jamaica.  Being a bartender at one of the island’s exclusive resorts has its perks…not the least of them being a very sexy, older woman: Sylvia Radcliff.  While she’s determined to celebrate her forty-fifth birthday, Set is equally determined to seduce the most enchanting woman he’s ever met. 

Seth woke to the smell of eggs and coffee.  Sylvia had ordered them breakfast.
“Get up, sleepyhead, breakfast is here,” she said, crawling up his naked body.
“I would rather have you for breakfast, but you have a robe on.”
“I couldn’t answer the door naked, could I?”
“No, I guess not,” he whispered, reaching to tug on the belt of her robe.
“The food will get cold,” she replied as she playfully pushed him away.
Seth let out a laugh.  “I don’t care.  I just need a taste.  I’ll make it quick; just trust me,” he said as he hovered over her.  He looked into her blue eyes and smiled when she nodded, giving him all the incentive he needed.  He leaned down and kissed her lips before traveling down her body.  He took each nipple in his mouth and sucked hard before he pushed her legs apart, and his tongue found heaven “Mmmm, you taste so sweet.”  He moaned into her warm flesh.

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Tamaria, thanks so much for being my guest today and I love the sound of this story.  Major congrats on your release .
Readers, don't miss this one, it's bound to be a best seller !!!
Until next time, happy reading...