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Author, author... all about it!!

Please help me welcome to the blog today....

Ute Carbone

So great to have you hear Ute !!  Would you mind telling us a little about yourself?

Thanks for having me at your blog Krista. A little about me? Hmm.. I live in New Hampshire not too far from the Massachusetts border. I’ve been married to the same great guy for over thirty years and we have two grown sons. I like the outdoors, chocolate, red wine and theater. And I love to read.

What did you want to be when you were growing up or did you always want to be a writer?

No, actually. My handwriting was and still borders on atrocious, I can’t spell to save my life and I mix up all the easy stuff like your and you’re and its and it’s even though I know the difference.

As a kid, I wanted to be all kinds of things, from zoologist to actress to book store owner and that only taps the surface! I didn’t start writing seriously until my kids were school aged. It’s kind of the perfect job, because I get to live all those other occupations and more vicariously.

When did you first start writing?

Although I didn’t get serious about it until much later, I used to write songs and poems  in high school and college. When my kids were small, I joined a local poetry group. To my huge surprise, they liked my poetry.  Later, I went to a writing workshop and discovered that I loved writing stories. I started with short stories and finally challenged myself to write a novel. And I’ve never looked back!

What is a typical writing day like for you? 

A good writing day has me working late morning until just after lunch. I start with blog posts, interviews and any edits that I need to get done and then move on to my work in progress and try to add a few words. I’m a bit on the slow side, a thousand words a day is good for me. But I am steady too, so those words do add up.

I usually write my first drafts long hand, and most often I’ll do this late at night before bed—ten to midnight on a good day.

Do you have an specific routine you follow or specific items you need with you when you write?

I need my coffee!! And I usually do start off with e-mail and facebook and twitter (I’ve heard it called the Bermuda Triangle. Very apt!) I sometimes will listen to music if things are noisy around and about my office. And I start with pen and paper. I write all my drafts out longhand before putting them into the computer. I revise while typing. Then, after I’m done with a project, I reread and mark any scene I’m not happy with. And I start all over again: pen and paper, rewrite into the computer. I do this as often as I think necessary.

What is your favorite part of writing?  Is there anything you don’t like about being a writer?

I love writing first drafts, especially early in a project when the possibilities are endless. Lately, I’ve come to like rewrite and editing. A good editor can really push you to make the work better. I like when I can see how to make it better and am able to do just that. I don’t particularly like promotion. It takes up a good deal of time and I’d rather be writing!

What is your favorite length of book to write?  (Short story, novella, full length novel) Why?

Hard to chose! I guess I’d have to say I like novels best, because they give you the space to create a whole world and get deeply involved in that world. Last year, I wrote my first novella, a time-travel romance called “The Whisper of Time” which will be out later this year. I’d never written time-travel before. Currently, I’m working on a historical romance novella. Historical is also new for me. I like that novellas and short stories allow me to try new things without making the kind of time commitment that a novel demands.

How does your family feel about your writing and you being an author?

They’re very supportive.

Is there a to-be-read waiting on your bedside table?

Oh yes! It’s so tall that if it topples, I’ll be buried alive! I’m forever buying books. And know I have a Kindle. Amazon is a great enabler for my addiction. One click. Just one click. So now I have a long cue on my reader as well.

For fun, I have a few personal questions, 

Favorite 5

1) Favorite Holiday - Tossup between the fourth of July and Valentine’s Day.
2) Favorite Drink - Red Wine. And coffee. I drink lots of coffee.
3) Favorite Author - Tough choice; Elizabeth Berg this week. Next week it might be someone else.
4) Favorite Book-  Another tough choice. My all time favorite is probably Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird”.
5) Favorite Animal - Gorillas.

And for a bonus:  What is a typical mood for you?  And is your mood different when you’re writing?

I’m generally sunny with occasional cloudiness. I’m in a better mood when the writing is going well.

Where can our readers find you?? 
Twitter:@ wildwords2

Is there an upcoming or current release you would like to share with us today and where can we find it?  

My latest, a romantic comedy called the P-Town Queen,  is out now.

You can check my webpage for more info

Or buy at Champagne Books or at Amazon

Nikki Silva feels like she’s blown up her life even as her brothers tease her about blowing up a boat called the Mona Lisa. Divorced, funding for her shark research cut off, she’s moved back to Provincetown to live with her father in her childhood home. Nikki hopes to regain herself. She’s written a grant proposal for the newly formed Massachusetts Bay Commission to fund a study that will get her back to the sort of research she loves. The commission is run by her ex-husband Ned, who would rather have a migraine than give money to his ex-wife.
     Marco Tornetti wants to turn a hole-in-the-wall Newark spaghetti joint into a trendy bistro. His silent partner, Fat Phil Lagosa, wants to use the place to solicit questionable business deals.  When Fat Phil accuses Marco of a double cross and has him taken for a ride by one of his hit men, Marco knows he’s in too deep.  
     Marco escapes the hit man and takes the first bus out of the Tri-state area, a bus chartered by the Greater Teaneck Gay Men’s Choir and headed for Provincetown. Marco figures that Phil would never look for him in Provincetown‘s gay community. But when he meets Nikki and falls hard for her, he finds that pretending to be gay isn’t as easy as it would seem.
One last thing before we let you leave us today, do you have a favorite recipe you'd like to share?  I like to cook and am always looking for new recipes to try and share but it's totally up to you.

I love sharing recipes!

Here’s a dish that Beanie, the main character in my debut novel Blueberry Truth, makes for husband Mac.

It’s terrific for summer barbeque:

Beanie’s Grilled Chicken in Ginger Sauce

1 1/2 pounds of boneless chicken thighs
1/2 cup red wine vinegar
1/4 cup soy sauce
2 Tb sesame oil
2 Tb fresh grated gingerroot

2 tsp minced garlic
2 scallions, finely chopped
2 tsp brown sugar
1 tsp crushed red pepper

1. Rinse chicken thighs under cold running water. Pat dry.
2. In a medium bowl, whisk together vinegar, soy sauce, and sesame oil. Whisk in rest of marinade ingredients. Remove 1/4 cup of marinade as basting sauce.
3. Marinate chicken in sauce for 4 hours in refrigerator.
4. Prepare grill
5. Grill chicken for 10-15 minutes until done, turning frequently. Baste with reserved sauce while cooking. Serve hot.

Ute it was an absolute pleasure having you with us today and I loved learning more about you.  That recipe sounds delicous and I can't wait to try it!

Readers, make sure you don't miss out on this great book, here are the links again.

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