Sunday, January 14, 2018

#newrelease ZPAC Alpha Shifters - #EXCLUSIVE - The Complete Collection by Taylor Brooks

Complete Collection
A Siren Erotic Romance

In Taming Tarek, with Tarek Falco focusing solely on seeking revenge against the Panthatarian that killed his mother, Micah Tulsen steps in refusing to let the past eat away at Tarek and destroy him. The questions remains: can Micah tame his wild beast? Or will Tarek’s unrelenting rage end up destroying them both?

In Predestine, in a time of need and a moment of desperation, Slade and Riker find their two paths crossing. With one, another an unspeakable bond is born and soon they are faced with the question of whether what they have is a result of one moment in time, or if it was predestined.

In Forbidden Fruit, Ty and Rourke’s uniting might have been fleeting if it hadn’t been for a forbidden fruit that Ty had brought along the way. Unrelenting passions and unmistakable lust set the stage for these two as they test the boundaries of species while exploring the depth of their connection.

In The Alpha's Cure, with the once dormant Ericius Virus tearing through Zarantaria for the first time in over two hundred years Alec and Declan are faced with their immortality. Will this Alpha find a cure? Or will he lose everything just like his ancestors did over two hundred years before?

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