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Character Interview with Melodie from More Than One Night by @NicoleLeiren

Hello everyone!  Nicole Leiren here, getting ready to interview Melodie Alexander, the heroine in my new release, “More than One Night”!!

NL – Hi Melodie, thanks for being here. I know you’re not a big fan of these types of things.

*smiling shyly* Not really, that’s more my sister, Evelyn’s deal. I did do some research on the subject though so I should be adequately prepared.

NL – You researched interviews?

Yes, I research…well, everything. It’s how I learn.

NL – Fair enough. Where do you do your research? I do most of mine on Google.

I work at a library, there’s a lot of information there. I can get lost in the pages of those books.

NL – Well, being an avid reader myself, I can appreciate that. What do you do at the library, besides research? J

I’m a children’s librarian.

NL – That’s wonderful. How exciting to be part of creating a love for reading in children!

Not everyone feels the same as you, I’m afraid.

NL – I’m not sure I understand.

My mother believes I’m wasting my career.

NL – I’m sorry. Family issues can be tough.

(Melodie’s green eyes flash and her mouth sets into a firm line) You have no idea. Can we change the subject?

NL – Of course, I didn’t mean to bring up a difficult subject. We’re supposed to be having fun here. What do you do for fun?

Read and research.

NL – Okay… What about a boyfriend?  What do you and your boyfriend do for fun? *I grin* I’m betting you do more than research.

Tom. He’s in Afghanistan.

NL – I’m feeling like maybe I should’ve done some more research before starting this interview.
*Melodie starts laughing* See, research is a good thing! It’s okay, according to MY research, you’re asking normally acceptable questions.

NL – Well, thank you for your understanding. Would you mind telling us a little about Tom?

He’s been my best friend since high school.

NL – What attracted you to him?

He wasn’t interested in my sister.

NL – That happen a lot, did it?

Don’t get me started. It’s probably best if you don’t ask me questions about my mother and sister.

NL – Family topic is off limits, I got it. Do you think you and Tom are going to get married when he returns home from Afghanistan?

That’s our plan. We made a pact that if we weren’t married by age 30, we would marry each other.

NL – No offense, Melodie, but my research shows that’s not really a reason to get married and certainly not very romantic.

Romance outside the pages of a book has never really interested me. Tom and I are good together. I do love him. Marriages have been formed on much less.

NL – I suppose you have a point, I just…


NL - *smiling* I can’t help it. I’m a hopeless romantic. I want everyone to have that fairy tale romance and happily ever after.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to happen in real life very often. Are you married?

NL – Hey, I’m supposed to be asking the questions. But since you’ve been such a good sport so far, yes, I’ve been married for 27 years.

That’s a long time. 

NL – Sometimes it feels like forever and other times like we’re newlyweds. Speaking of newlyweds, have you and Tom started making plans for your wedding?

I’m doing some research.

NL - *laughing* Ah yes, of course. Well I’m sure you’ve done your research to determine that Tom is your knight in shining armor and I wish you all the happiness in the world.

*Melodie hangs her head* Yes, well he certainly has rescued me more times than I can count from my family.

NL – As that topic is off the table, let me just say that I hope you find some happiness, not only with Tom, but with your family as well.

That really would be a fairytale.

NL – One last question, not about Tom or your family, I promise. Have you ever dated a bad boy?  Sounds like Tom is a nice, upstanding guy. But, let’s be honest, girls love to at least date a bad boy from time to time.

*Melodie is blushing now, a crimson red* Okay, I admit there is a certain allure to a bad boy. I dated one briefly in high school, before Tom, more to aggravate my mother than anything else. Leather jacket, tight fitting jeans and abs that could be on the cover of a sports magazine. He was hot. I liked him, not because he was bad, but because he made me feel alive. I think that’s why we like bad boys. Before we settle into the routine of day-to-day life, we want to feel that fire that they can bring out in us.

NL – You had me at tight fitting jeans!  LOL Well, Melodie, whether it’s the comfortable friendship of Tom or a bad boy you tame, I hope you find your happily ever after and I hope you find it outside the pages of your books.

Thank you, Nicole. I hope so too…

*   *   *   *   *
More Than One Night 
Heroes of the Night book #1

Nicole Leiren

The Few. The Strong. The Brave. 

Melodie Alexander, a children's librarian, prefers to live life between the pages of a book. But when the death of her best friend prompts her to step out of her comfort zone, she finds herself directly in the path of self-proclaimed bad boy, Daniel Bresland.

Daniel knew how to be a solider. Life after war? Not as easy. He served his country in Afghanistan, both in the military and as a private contractor, but fighting the war came at high personal cost. Now he's determined to keep his relationships "casual" in order to protect his heart and prevent anyone from getting too close.

A chance encounter between Melodie and Daniel on a flight to Dallas proves that opposites really do attract. But when scars from the past threaten their new relationship almost before it starts, Daniel must decide if he can risk opening his heart again to convince Melodie he wants more than one night.

* * *

If you love men in uniform and believe the night belongs to lovers, then The Heroes of the Night series is perfect for you! Stories of military heroes, sexy and flawed, and the women they love.

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Excerpt – A kindred spirit

Daniel’s keen vision paid off as he caught a glimpse of her freckles hidden mostly from view. Down, boy. This would lead him to trouble as sure as molasses melts and sticks to the bottom of your shoes. He forced his gaze away and back to his drink. "Any special plans for your time in Dallas?"
Crimson colored Melodie’s flesh, extending his focus on her. Why couldn't he just leave her alone? Walking away had been his mantra of late. The moment her face turned toward him, he understood—a kindred, troubled spirit. Though he had no clue what pain she was trying to bury, he recognized the look in her eyes easily. He saw the same expression every time he looked in the mirror.
"A little history and, hopefully, some fun. I've spent entirely too much time in the present lately, and," her gaze bore into his, "it's been entirely too long since I had any fun."
"You're a history buff?" His voice jumped almost an octave as his pulse quickened. Maybe a troubled past wasn't the only common thread between them.
"I've read so much about our history, and I'm fascinated. Mother talked a lot about Kennedy's assassination when I was younger. She was eight when he was shot, and it created a memorable impression on her. I want to visit the JFK Memorial while I'm in town."
His gaze held hers and wouldn't let go. He'd served his country for two tours in Afghanistan and another stint as a private contractor because of his love of America and everything she stood for. "History was my favorite subject in school. American history." His smile widened. A woman with a shared interest—an interest that didn't revolve around sex. Maybe there was hope for him yet.
This time the corners of her mouth turned up a little more. Progress. God help him if she ever gave him a full-on smile with teeth. He might have to introduce her to the mile-high club. This woman could spell trouble for him in capital letters. He only wished he knew how she'd found a way through his protective barriers.
"Always nice to meet a fellow American history buff."
 "Let's go together." The words slid out smoothly, not even slowing down to consider how he'd save face if she said no. Or, God help me, if she says yes.

About the Author:
Nicole is a debut author with her contemporary romance series, Heroes of the Night. She has been an avid reader and lover of books from a very young age. Starting with Encyclopedia Brown, Nancy Drew, and The V.I. Warshawski novels, her love for mysteries grew and expanded to include romance and suspense. A Midwest girl, born and raised, her stories capture the love and laughter in her real world heroes and heroines.

Twitter:  @NicoleLeiren


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