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What's next for Melissa Frost and The Dating Tutor: Matt's Story ~ #giveaway

Thank you for featuring me on your blog today! I’d like to share what is next for me in the world of young adult fiction. Next, I plan to work on Sasha’s Story. We saw their courtship through Matty’s point of view. It’s time we heard from Sasha. We’ll get to see more of her family connections with Alec and Jerich. We’ll get to see more of her involvement with soccer. And most importantly, we’ll get to see her relationship with Matt develop through her eyes. I think it will be a lot of fun.

But for now, we’ll have to settle with Matt, the loveable hockey thug with a big heart…even though he tries to fight it.


The Dating Tutor: Matt’s Story
Melissa Frost
Contemporary Romance, @30k

Matt Wendell is perfectly content in his single life. That is until Sasha walks into it. Being the cousin of his best friend Alec, Sasha is off limits. She’s the one girl he can’t have, and the only one he wants. Even if he wasn’t restrained by the ‘friends only’ stipulation, Sasha has put up a wall around her heart that is going to be hard to tear down.

Alec introduces the two under the strict instructions that Matt is to learn how to become friends with a woman. This task proves difficult, as Matt’s only interaction with the opposite sex has been of a romantic nature. As time goes on and their friendship strengthens, things get more and more challenging, because the more he learns about Sasha, the deeper his feelings for her become. Can this non-committal guy change his ways? And can he convince Sasha that he’s in this for the long haul?

14+ for sexuality and adult situations
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Matt happily chatted with Sasha during the short ride to their destination. He’d slyly begun toying with her hair and touching her arm until he’d managed to grasp her hand in his. He’d flirted. She’d flirted. It was turning out to be one of the easiest dates of his life.
That was until she pulled to a stop on the outskirts of the campus. He hadn’t been paying much attention, but now he gazed out the window to find the field house and sporting area. “Um…are you lost?”
“Lost?” Sasha set him with innocent eyes. “Heavens no. This is where we’re going.” She turned off the car and stepped out.
Matt followed her lead. He came to stand at her side just as she was reaching the trunk of her car. When she popped it open, he asked, “So what is this? A picnic out on the football field?” It was a bit on the romantic side for a first date, but he was willing to go with it.
“Something like that,” Sasha said with amusement in her voice. Stepping back from the trunk, she turned to fully face him. Her eyes roved over his face for a moment before she closed the small distance between them. She slipped her arms around his waist and leaned in against his chest. “Before we get started… Kiss me. I want to know what your lips feel like against mine. I want to know what you taste like.”
Arousal swept through him. Without any hesitation, he lowered his lips over hers. And that was when Sasha pulled back with a snort.
“Alec was right. You have absolutely no idea what it’s like being friends with a girl. You went into this with the instruction of friends only. Yet you’re trying to kiss me ten minutes in.” Shaking her head, Sasha grabbed the edges of her sundress and pulled it up over her head. Underneath, she wore a sports bra and a pair of yoga shorts. From the trunk, she produced a pair of knee high socks and cleats.
Matt took a step back, feeling stunned. He’d thought they were going to kiss…but no. She’d shut him out. And now she was…pulling a soccer ball out of her trunk? He blinked at her in confusion.
Sasha roughly tossed the ball in his direction. He barely managed to catch it, and it thudded against his chest hard enough to cause him some discomfort.
“You know, the majority of us don’t discuss lip gloss,” she said with a snicker. “If you’d ever bothered to hold a real conversation with a girl, you’d know that.” She bent at the waist and threw her hair down toward the ground. Gathering it in one hand, she bundled it all together in a high ponytail atop her head.

Flipping back up to face him, she placed her hands on her hips. “Game on, Matty. Time to learn what it’s like to actually hang out with a girl.” Ticking items off on her fingers, she made a list of all the things they wouldn’t be doing. “No candlelight dinners. No kissing. No eyelash batting. No flirting. I’m going to kick your ass out on that field and make you question everything you know about women.”

Author Bio:
Melissa Frost grew up loving young adult novels and continues to immerse herself in the current authors on the market. In the fifth grade, she won a writing competition to work with children’s author Colleen O'Shaughnessy Mckenna, and it inspired her to write stories of her own. She never looked back.

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