Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cover Reveal: Finding Forever by L.L. Collins

Finding Forever

Living Again Series #4
Author- L.L. Collins 
Genre- Contemporary Romance


Lacey Russell has had enough heartbreak and loss for one lifetime.  Turning tragedy into motivation, she becomes a veterinarian to honor her mother's memory.  She knows the path her life is on and she decided long ago that falling in love is not part of that plan.  She's seen firsthand that all it does is cause sorrow and pain.

Brantley Tucker is the heir to Tucker Ranch, the most well-known ranch in all of Nashville.  Much to the dismay of his parents, he doesn't want it.  It's always been his dream to model, and he's worked hard to achieve success.  All he wants is to be supported and loved, but he wonders if that will ever happen for him.

After many chance encounters throw Lacey and Brant together, it feels like something bigger than them is at work.  When Lacey gets news that shatters her entire world, can she accept the support and love that Brant offers, or will the fear of the unknown make her turn down the chance at finding her forever?

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