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Finding Heroes in Everyday Life

When I create heroes for my romance novels, I like them to be real guys. Men you might actually know. Sure, they need to possess alpha qualities since no one wants a wimpy hero, but they need to have elements of the guy next door. Consequently, I’m always on the lookout for heroes, and I live in a fortunate location for hero watching. From my front porch, I have an excellent view of my local police and fire stations. I spend the nicer months of the year watching how my local emergency personnel walk, joke around with each other, swing into moving vehicles with turnout gear on, peel out of the station on the way to a call, and cook dinner on the beat up grill next to the fire station. Bits and pieces of these men have formed characteristics of my heroes.( I hope they never realize why I’m out on my porch so much with a notebook.)
Recently, I found material for a different kind of hero from the porch. On a beautiful Saturday when I was settling into my Adirondacks chair to write this blog (and keep an eye on the basketball game at the fire station), I noticed an extraordinary quantity of insects in my front yard. We live near a body of water that spawns some irritating but harmless flying bugs so at first I didn’t pay much attention. Then the steady drone of bees caught my ear. I followed the flight of several bees to a quivering cluster of honeybees the size of a basketball on my ornamental plum tree. After watching in fascination (and telling the kids to stay far away), I pondered what to do.
Like a rational adult, I called my parents. My parents always seem to know the right people. Sure enough, my dad made a call and within an hour, the beekeeper (we’ll call him Jim) appeared at my house suited up in sturdy white fabric and screening. Gently, he moved the mass of bees into a wooden box and stood by while the stragglers made their way into the box to join the queen. Since he was a talker (and I’m a professional listener and observer), I got a thorough lesson on the art of beekeeping.
Late that night, Jim returned to collect his prize by light of flashlight. After herding in a few bees who lingered on the outside of the box, Jim secured the box with duct tape and stowed it in his car (in his car!) to drive home. He pulled out of my driveway still fully suited up in beekeeping gear in case any of the bees escaped the box and flew around in the car’s interior.
Jim was my hero that day. He responded quickly, saved me from the peril of the bees, and gave me tons of information about beekeeping. Everyday heroes doing what they do. Now, Jim’s on the other side of sixty so he won’t directly make an appearance as a hero in one of my books, but he’ll be the prototype.  He’ll evolve into the beekeeper who gets called to an old house where my heroine (maybe a young widow with a son) has bees in the walls. Or maybe she’s not a widow, but inherited the family farm and is trying to revitalize it, but the bees keep causing her problems. Or the fictional Jim might be teaching a class on beekeeping which my heroine takes and gets lots of private instruction on the uses of honey.
You get the idea. The possibilities are nearly endless, but one way or the other, everyday men make great heroes.

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Raising Her Hopes

May Williams
A Historical Victorian Romance
Turquoise Morning Press Vintage

When Sidney White arrives in England, he seems like the perfect man for Belinda Ferguson. 
She wants to love him, but first she must overcome her past before she is free to raise her hopes.

Sidney Ferguson has one objective when he arrives in Bath, England. He plans to leave his daughter with relatives before returning to the United States to embark on a dangerous mission for the Union Army.

An encounter with the beautiful Belinda Ferguson strikes like lightning at his heart, but she doesn’t give her love or attention freely. Belinda’s past makes her cautious about placing her trust, especially in a man who must leave her to complete his task.

 Despite the separation his work requires, Sidney convinces her to risk loving him and she dares to raise her hopes.

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Belinda barely made it twenty paces outside the Hazel’s door when Sidney came alongside her and fell into step. He didn’t reach for her arm as she expected, but he was close enough that they bumped shoulders.

“I believe it was my job to see you home this evening,” he said as they crossed the center of the square.

“You’re undoing years worth of work on my part.” She tried for a light, breezy tone as if his presence were entirely superfluous.

“How so?”

“I’d finally convinced Benjamin that I didn’t need an escort. After you return to the States, I’m sure he’ll go back to walking me home and I shall have to start all over again.”

“My apologies, but there’s an obvious difference between his intentions and mine.”

“Is there?” she questioned. “The walk is the same.”

“I’m sure Benjamin does not wish to kiss you as I do.”

“Mr. White.” She stopped in the glow of a street light and faced him, trying to formulate a firm rebuff and control her rapidly beating pulse.

“Please, will you call me Sidney?”

“No, I don’t think I shall. You may turn back now. I can see my gate.” She resumed walking. Any man of sense would cease following her.

“Do you dismiss Mr. Barth in the same way? Or is he allowed a kiss and entrance past your door?”

“My relationship with Mr. Barth is not your concern. Please leave me or I shall have to assume Benjamin’s ill opinion of you is correct and my hasty judgment a few nights ago was erroneous.” She tried for a haughty tone to use as a weapon against him, but as usual it failed her. Being too nice could be a curse at times. “Perhaps you are a rogue after all,” she finished, slightly breathless, with one hand on her gate and the other held out in a gesture meant to stop him.

Brushing by her upraised hand, he closed the distance between them. “I hate the thought of proving my brother-in-law correct,” he put a finger under her chin and tipped her face up, “but some things are worth the risk.”

His lips were soft, yet demanding, as they met hers. She wanted to resist, to seal her lips tight, but the stirring of passion she felt in him under the controlled surface matched hers. When his arms circled her, she placed her hands on his lapels not to push him back, but to touch him, to have the impression of his strength on her fingers.
He broke the kiss she’d been unable and unwilling to resist and mercifully stayed silent while her world righted itself. No man other than Heath had ever kissed her, held her like this. She’d evaded Mr. Barth and he was too nice to press her. This man was different. He had no fear of demanding what he wanted. She had every fear of giving in to his demands.

“Goodnight, Belinda,” he whispered close to her ear.

About the Author:
May loves romance. Big pink roses, chocolate hearts, sunset walks, but, most of all, she loves romance novels. She’s been reading romances since she first discovered the public library where the librarians didn't notice or didn't care what she was checking out even though she hadn't hit puberty yet.
Since then, May has continued to read every genre of romance, but she writes mostly historical. Places and time periods have stories to tell. And she likes to listen. Her most recent novels are Victorian era pieces where she can imagine beautiful gowns and elegant teas. 

When May’s not writing, she manages a houseful of children, pets, and flowers grown in her garden.

Twitter: @maywilliams2

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