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1Night Stand's 200th Book Birthday Celebration with Starla Kaye & a giveaway !!! all about her!

Please welcome a guest post by Starla Kaye in honor of the Decadent Publishing's 200th book birthday of the 1NS series !!

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Dreaming Up a Secret Wish

Decadent Publishing’s 1 Night Stand series is celebrating their birthday this October and I’m celebrating, too. It was my honor to have been one of the early authors writing for the line. At this point I have had two books published in the series: Maggie’s Secret Wish and Starting Over. Eventually I hope to write additional stories for this popular series.

I loved the idea behind the series. 1NS is the business name of an exclusive online dating service owned by Madame Evangeline. The initial goal of the arranged evening is a one-night stand, with each character having a reason for seeking such a date. The encounters can take place anywhere in the world and each story must have an HEA or HFN ending. When I read the basic guidelines, I became intrigued, challenged to come up with a believable erotic romance.

As usually happens with me, I came up with the title first: Maggie’s Secret Wish. From that, I knew my heroine’s name would be Maggie. Additionally, she had a secret wish. That wish had to be special, something she wouldn’t easily admit to anyone else.

I believe that many of us are like Maggie, in that we lead lives where we present a certain image to those we work with, have acquaintances with, or share our basic lives with. A lot of us have another side that we show to very few people. That protected image of ourselves knows our innermost fears, longings, dreams…secret wishes.

Maggie leads a somewhat dull life as a website designer. The men she typically dates are oh-so-boring, but deep inside her, she wants more. She reads erotica, dreams of doing much more than just slam-bam-thank-you-ma’am sex. And she has a secret interest in light BDSM, mainly about spanking. This isn’t something she would share with her family or friends. Yet she fantasizes about having at least one encounter with a man who is not vanilla, a man who is willing to show his dominate side.

Fortunately for Maggie, Madame Eve somehow knows her secret wish…and she knows the right man to fulfill it.

She gaped in horror. Five emails from Madame Evangeline. Five!  What about her message had captured the matchmaker’s attention enough to have her keep trying to contact Maggie? The spanking stuff! Oh, jeez. That had to be it. Nothing else about her basic info could possibly draw a stranger’s interest.
Fingers shaking, she opened the first message.
I’m so pleased you contacted me, Ms. Malone. I’m sure that I can find someone perfect for you. Please email me back so we can discuss this further.
Palms sweating, she opened the next message.
I’ve done a basic background check on you, Maggie, as I’m sure you’re aware I do for all my clients. Your websites are quite well done, unique. I could see your special imaginative flare. I noticed it in your query message as well. I’m positive I can find the perfect match for you. Please contact me as soon as possible.
Maggie drew in a nervous breath. Madame Evangeline had mentioned imaginative things in her original email, certainly meaning the fantasies. How embarrassing. Yet she opened the third message.
I know exactly what you need, my dear Maggie. You need time away from your work, time to satisfy your secret desires, time to let a very special man attend to your every wish. I eagerly await your response.
Satisfy her secret desires? Let a special man attend to her every wish? Oh, yes! Need thrummed through her, making her squirm in her desk chair.
Heart racing, she opened the fourth message.
What you need, dearest Maggie, is a special night at one of the Castillo Resorts and Hotels. I’m thinking the one in Maui would please you most. The more I study the websites you design, the more sure I am of your sensuality, of the type of man who could please you. I look forward to you contacting me soon.
How could the other woman know about her preference for Maui? How could this unknown woman sense so much about her? See how much of herself she put into each of the website designs? It was eerie…exciting, too.
She gathered her courage and opened the final email, one sent only an hour ago.

Maggie’s Secret Wish

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