Friday, September 13, 2013

Review: Unwanted Proposal by J.N. Johnson + giveaway!

Unwanted Proposal 
 J. N Johnson

Caleb Myers watched as his sister and brother-in-law, Joshua, drove away from Clearwater for a much needed vacation, leaving him to housesit, and take care of the family business. The idea of a long weekend of peace and quiet at their country cabin turned out to be a short-lived dream when a phone call from his employee at Winter Lilly’s Outfitters brings news of an unwanted visitor. Riley Campbell wants nothing more out of life than to impress the pig-headed bosses who like to use her as client eye candy at her Houston law firm, and put her career on the fast track for partner. Nothing made her happier than legal battles and paper pushing, but when she is sent miles from her normal city life, and thrown into the country setting of Clearwater, Wyoming, she fears she may have met her match. With an offer in hand to buy Winter Lilly’s Outfitters, Riley tries to convince Caleb to take the deal, but his good ole boy ways, country charms, and fierce loyalty leaves her wanting more than just his name on the dotted line. Can two people from opposite worlds come together under such an Unwanted Proposal?

My review:

You know.....I seriously love Clearwater.  If I knew it would all be there when I got there, I'd have been in the car 10 minutes ago.  I just finished reading Unwanted Proposal and was blown away!  I LOVED IT!  Truly, I got to the epilogue and started giggling like a giddy school girl.  Ms. Johnson you rock!

I was extremely impressed with the way you so cleverly described everything.  I really felt like I was standing at the glass patio doors with Caleb after feeding the dog or lying in the back of his truck while he and Riley watched the stars.  And the love scene? Whoa!

And, I was pissed and hurt right along with him when he stood in the lobby of the Winterbloom B&B staring at his family.

Can't say I'm a fan of lawyers, having had used them in my own past but Riley stole my heart as well and what a decision for her to make.

Please tell me you have another book waiting in the wings because I seriously need more from you!  A seriously talented writer here people!

Readers, you won't regret visiting Clearwater, only the leaving.   CLEARWATER HAS A FANTASTIC FUTURE!

5 stars JN Johnson and bravo!

About J.N Johnson:

Living in her hometown of Charleston, West Virginia, JN Johnson is the proud mother of two beautiful little girls and is married to her high school sweetheart (and greatest supporter ) whom she considers the rock that keeps her grounded.

She was first introduced to the world of fantasy when she was seven years old reading The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe making her never want to read about “the real world” again. Her mother and grandmother’s love of romance novels gave her the opportunity to learn about book trading, taking all of their old books to the local flea market to trade for anything that sparked her interest. Those days are long gone; her books now stay safely on her book shelves at home and out of harm’s way.

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  1. wow Thank you Krista! Unfortunately I do not have another Clearwater story in the works just yet because I have been working on a new series. I am delving into the paranormal world and will be releasing the first of three books on Sept 24th, Ravens Legacy, A Between Fire and Ice Novella. But very soon I will delve back into the lovely town and Clearwater!