Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Sexy Saturday #MSSWeek16

Hi and welcome to the 16th week of My Sexy Saturday.

I have so much fun doing this and hope you do too.  Today i'm going to share a 7 snippet from my almost finished WIP 
Morgan's Mountain !

She’s mad because I’m cutting wood?  He couldn't help but laugh at her stance.  She’d placed both hands on her hips and if the snow weren't so deep he’d be able to see her tapping her foot.

“Now what’s so funny?  Do you think this is all a game?”

“I’m sorry okay?  You just look too darn cute standing there.”  She rolled her eyes and turned to walk away so he dropped the ax and stomped around her, stopping her progression when he clasped her shoulders.  “No wait, seriously.  I’m sorry.  If you want me to stop chopping so you can finish I will but I was just trying to help.  At least let me do this Morgan.”  He raised his eyebrows; silently pleading with her then dropped his hands to his sides.

“Fine.  I’m going back inside; I have other things to do.”  Morgan turned from him heading toward the cabin. “Oh, Luke?”

She had faded slightly from his sight but he could still see her enough to see that the look she gave brooked no argument.

“Please keep your distance.  Letting you do this doesn't change anything.”

“Whatever you say, sugar.”  Whatever you say.  He smirked and once she was out of sight completely, he pulled down his face mask and picked up the ax. 

*     *     *     *     *     *

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