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Author, author.... all about her !!!

Today I have the pleasure of hosting a great author, please welcome...

Emily Walker !!

Thank You Very Much Now Don’t Over-Promo
Now admit it, you sang that to the tune of MR. ROBOTO. It’s okay, I meant for you to. Thank you so much Krista for letting me guest on your blog today and share my new release.

How to Not Over-Promo

You just had release day and you are squeeing inside, so excited and you just want to tell the world!

It’s fine to hop on Facebook, Twitter and in your co-workers’ faces and let them know, ONCE. I stress this because you are going to want to post every time you get a review, every time a blog mentions you, every time your rank goes up on Amazon, just don’t do it. Why? You can over-promote yourself. While it might get some people to say I have seen this so many times I have to go and see what it is. It might cause others to say, I am never buying this, or worse unfollow you due to the amount of times you have said -squee- or -happy dance- save those for when you have great news to share one time with them.

So how do you not over-promote yourself while still being active on Facebook and Twitter easy, be aloof with your promotions.

On Twitter tweet a line from you book, in between interesting things your dog is doing or what you have for dinner. It’s endearing, and it makes people want to follow you. Don’t just say buy this, read this, go here, go there. Engage with your followers, talk about all different kinds of things. You don’t want to be the author who is always asking people for things.

Ask other people to help you promote, but make sure you return the favor. Don’t ask people to share your link without doing the same for them. Make sure you are sharing often for other people even if they don’t ask. It will come back around, trust me.

Blog about things that don’t involve writing, and blog about things that will interest people. Don’t make your promotion all about promoting and it will work out a lot better. I promise. J

His Boss Lady

Emily Walker

Contemporary Romance

Emma Michaels gets off on people calling her ma'am and fearing the sound of her four inch heels as she stomps by her employee's offices. The intelligent female worked hard to make partner at Johnson, Franks and Michaels and will not let anything distract her from work. With her path set firmly towards the future she has no idea that a young intern is coming to derail her plans. Tyler Higgins is proving to be a distraction that creates chaos and anxiety in Emma's world. Will the young and handsome Higgins take the exec to school or has she met her match?

Tyler Higgins is a shark. The master of everything he touches, comes from a long line of CEOs, and self-starting businessmen. Landing his dream internship was icing on an already well-dressed cake, but shadowing a woman was not what he had in mind. Emma Michaels' attitude about work drives him crazy, and he cannot help but test her every chance he gets. However, not wanting to shadow Emma does not stop Tyler from thinking of the naughty things he could do to the buxom brunette haired beauty. Yes, this is dangerous territory.

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Emma looked over the fact sheet the school had sent over about her intern and smiled. She was first in her class and involved in everything. That was exactly how Emma had been when she was in college. Lost in her memories of college days gone by, she didn’t realize that Deidre had stepped into the room until the receptionist cleared her throat. Startled, she jumped up out of her seat and eyed the ditzy girl.

“Someone is here to see you ma’am,” Deidre had one of those sickly sweet voices that made you want to strangle her. Motioning behind her, she called someone into the room and Emma’s world stopped for a minute.

She could tell the man was younger than her, but he was also well built. Every part of him screamed out, “I am a confident man and you should drape yourself across me like a scarf.” Where had that thought come from? She bit her lip and allowed her eyes to rake over his body and back up to his face. Sandy blond hair, full lips and even from her desk she could see he had striking blue eyes. His skin held on to the tan summer had given him even though they were well into fall now, and she might have forgotten to breathe when he parted his lips to speak.

“Ms. Michaels, I’m your intern, Tyler Higgins.” He stepped forward to shake her hand and her momentary haze she’d been lost in by his appearance dissipated with the words.

Was that anger she detected in his voice? Why was he in her office? Where was the straight A female who was going to change the world? “I’m supposed to have a girl.” She was ashamed at how meek her voice sounded when she spoke to him.

Walking over to the chair across from her desk he sat down in it and looked up at her. “I’m supposed to follow a man, so I guess we’re even.”

Emily Walker

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