Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Review: A Gift for Emily by JP Galuska

 A Gift for Emily
 The Emily Stokes Series #2
 J P Galuska



Book Description:


A Gift for Emily picks up right where A Kiss for Emily leaves off. She is discovering that
dating a ghost, solely composed of dense water molecules, has more challenges than she ever imagined. And when a bouquet shows up on the doorstep from an unknown suitor, life really gets complicated.   

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My Review:
I was a little bummed before I started reading A Gift for Emily because i'm a super huge fan of books in a series and knowing this was book 2 made it difficult to start it.  Thank goodness and kudos to JP Galuska that we do get a brief summary of what happened in A Kiss for Emily but i still think I want to go back and read it just to get the feel for the whole story. 
Anywho, what a great book, this #2.  I am more and more becoming a fan of paranormal romantic suspense.  The thought of having a ghost boyfriend, not to mention one made of water,  intruiges me most definitely but not being able to kiss him would be a bit of a downer, especially knowing it could damn Emily to hell.  *eek* 
As Emily and Sam search out a way to help Sam, my heart was heavy for Sam as he watched Emily and the sheriff become closer and Sam wondering if David wouldn't be better for her in the long run.  I loved the great amount of suspense and mystery the author wrapped us in when Emily started getting gifts that eventually got scary and turned stalkerish and I did not expect to be so shocked at the end and definitely left wanting more !!!
JP Galuska, please hurry with book 3 :)  In the meantime, i'll be reading book 1!!
About the Author:


J P lives in Minnesota with her family, a crazy dog, and the world's best cat.


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