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Cassandra Carr

What exactly IS a female-led relationship?
Cassandra Carr

I had a new release last Friday titled Unexpected Top. It's about a woman named Cissy who tires of her husband Len's inattention and insensitivity. She's about had it, but she doesn't want to end her marriage. Instead, she goes online looking for other women who have the same problems and finds out about the concept of the female-led relationship. Here's a definition from Wikipedia:

The term female-led relationship (or "FLR") refers to a model for romantic heterosexual relationship in which both partners agree that the woman will act as the leader and ultimate authority. If the participants are married, the arrangement may be termed a female-led marriage (FLM) or wife-led marriage (WLM). A FLR involves some form of power exchange with varying degrees of role enforcement and permanence according to the terms agreed upon by the participants. Some relationships involve total power exchange (TPE) which involves exchange of autonomy on a continuous 24/7 basis. In a female-led TPE relationship, the female possesses complete authority over the male's life and acts as a final authority in personal decisions. TPE relationship structures may be enforced by consensual transfer of power whose exercise (by the female) is more dissatisfying (to the male) than the loss of the given freedoms. An example of such prohibitive power is financial decision-making authority.

So you're probably asking is this different from a FemDom relationship? Well, there are some differences. First, a FLR isn't necessarily about sex. Not that FemDom has to be either, but it seems to have more of a sexual component. Also, though the male does consent to some degree of power exchange with the woman, many times it's focused on one area. In Unexpected Top, Cissy is sick of Len not helping around the house and generally not keeping her and their marriage a priority. When she does research into FLR she discovers one of the ways to get the man's consent about things like this is to reward them sexually, so she makes a list of chores with associated rewards. Len, of course, is thrilled.

But then Cissy starts putting more and more conditions on his earning of the rewards. How will Len take that? I guess you'll have to read to find out!

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