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Author, author... all about it !!

Today we have Nona Raines with us  :)


Hi Nona, can you tell us a little about yourself??

Hi Krista! Thanks so much for letting me join you today.

I'm a former librarian (though once a librarian, always a librarian, I think) who now writes naughty romances. While my books incorporate quite a bit of heat, I also hope that they touch peoples' hearts. In my private life, I live with my dangerous pit bull Iris (she just might lick you to death) and four cats who think they're in charge and they only keep me around to open the cans of Fancy Feast.


What or who initially inspired you to become a writer?

It was something I always wanted to do. I had inspiration from many sources: my parents, who were both great readers and always made sure we children had access to many books; a number of teachers who encouraged my early efforts; and other authors whose work I enjoyed.


What kind of research do you do for a novel and how extensive do you get?

I read books, scour the internet, talk to people. Research is fascinating. I try to do enough to bring realism to the story without getting too technical. One could easily "get lost" in it and never get around to writing! 


Do you have a special place you like to do your writing? Such as an office, a spare room, the dining room table, your couch?

I often write on my living room sofa with the dog curled up beside me or on my bed upstairs with a cat on either side. They're my muses J!


As a reader, what types of works do you like to read and do you think they influence the genre/genres you write in?

I love reading all kinds of books—nonfiction, mystery and of course romance. Though I write erotic romance, I enjoy all types of love stories, from sexy to sweet.


What is your favorite method of in laptop, desktop, Ipad or the old fashioned pencil and paper??  And do you plot out your story or go with the flow of your muse?

I love my laptop! The poor thing gets cranked up in the morning and doesn't get shut down until late in the evening. Though when I'm plotting, I find good old pen and ink is a real help. I do plot, but the plot often changes as I progress.


When you need a break or some time off from the trials of being a writer, what can you be found doing?

Hanging out with my pets, reading, watching movies. Occasionally I have been known to clean.


Is there anything about yourself nobody knows that you would like to share with our readers??

When I was a kid I got my tongue stuck on a frozen flag pole, just like in "A Christmas Story". Nobody triple dog dared me, I just was just dumb enough to come up with it myself. I got free, but did end up leaving a little bit of me behind on the pole, lol.


For fun, I have a few personal questions,  

Your Favorite 5

1) Favorite color – They're all so pretty I can never make up my mind.

2) Favorite dessert – Homemade lemon meringue pie

3) Favorite Season - Autumn

4) Favorite sad song- The sextette from "Lucia di Lammermoor"

5) Favorite Romantic movie – The Enchanted Cottage (an oldie but goodie)

And a bonus, what is your ideal romantic vacation??

Hey, let me find a partner first, lol!


Where can our readers find you?? 

Amazon author page:


Is there an upcoming or current release you would like to share with us today and where can we find it?

This is from my recent release Uncollared, from Loose Id:
Submissive Mia Manetti is devastated when her first Master uncollars her just as she was hoping for a permanent relationship with him.  Trying to move on, she agrees to sub for a powerful and sexy new Dom.

Chess Ryan has wanted Mia from the first moment he saw her at Club Restraint, but it was always "hands off" because she belonged to his friend Philip.  Now, thanks to that friend's maneuvers, Mia is finally his.  But only for a little while.

Mia finds it increasingly difficult to keep her feelings in check as she experiences erotic delights with Master Chess, sensual and sexual fantasies that she's never known before.  Is she setting herself up for another heart ache?

Guilt, secrets and misplaced pride all keep Chess and Mia from being completely honest with each other.  As they connect sexually and emotionally, they realize their relationship has grown too serious to be called "play".  How far are they willing to go as Master and slave?

 Uncollared is available at:



A Recommended Read! "This book grabbed me from the first page." Four and a half kinks, Kinky Book Reviews


"If you love an evocatively written book with real people that enjoy a BDSM relationship, then this one is for you." Four and a half stars, Long and Short Reviews (Erotic Romance)


Do you have a favorite recipe you'd like to share?  I like to cook and am always looking for new recipes to try and share but it's totally up to you.

I have a great recipe for homemade cranberry sauce that's a beautiful accompaniment to anyone's holiday turkey. Just pick over and rinse a bag of cranberries, then toss them into a pot with one cup of juice (either orange or cranberry is a good choice) and one cup of maple syrup. Let it all simmer until the berries have popped and the mixture thickens. Skim off any foam that may bubble up. Once the sauce has cooled, add one cup of chopped walnuts or pecans. Delicious!


Thanks again for having me here!

 Nona Raines
Hot Contemporary Romance
Edgy ~ Emotional ~ Erotic   Facebook, Twitter, Blog

Nona, thanks so much for being here!  It was great learning more about you and Uncollared is definitely on my TBR list !!

Readers, make sure not to miss out on this great book !

Until next time, happy reading !!


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