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Author, author... all about it !!
I am so pleased to have R.M. Sotera with us today :)
Welcome R.M., can you tell us a little about yourself? 
Sure.  I’m a wife, mom, school teacher and author.  I’m very OCD, and I love red licorice. 

What did you want to be when you were growing up or did you always want to be a writer? 
I’m one of the lucky people that is able to do the two things I love – teach high school and write romance novels.

When did you first start writing? 
 I first started writing seriously when I was given my first diary.  I realized that by writing down my thoughts and feelings like seemed easier to cope with at that stage in my life.  And I’ve been writing ever since.

What is a typical writing day like for you? 
 A typical day – I wake at 3 AM – Write from 3 to 4 AM – Get ready for work from 4 to 5 AM – Leave for work at 5 am and arrive at school at 5:45 AM – My first class is at 7 AM and the final one is finished at 1:16 PM.  I then grade papers and plan for the next few days.  I leave school between 2:30 and 2:45 PM – arriving home by 3:30 or so depending on the traffic.  Once I’m home I cook dinner, spend time with my family and then get ready for bed so that I can do the same procedure again the next day. 

Do you have any specific routine you follow or specific items you need with you when you write? 
Yes.  Depending on the scene I’m writing I need certain music.  I also need photographs of my characters which I have since I make a character bible before the writing begins.

What is your favorite part of writing?  Is there anything you don’t like about being a writer? 
 My favorite part of writing is how good I feel when the words flow and the scenes fall into place.  What I don’t like is that I don’t have the time that I’d like to have to write.  Also, I love co-writing with CR Moss.  While co-authoring isn’t for everyone, I’m lucky enough to have found a kindred writing spirit in CR Moss.  For us, when we’re writing the ideas flow and the characters in our books come alive.

What is your favorite length of book to write?  (Short story, novella, full length novel) Why? 
 I really don’t have a favorite.  I like writing different lengths.

How does your family feel about your writing and you being an author? 
 Well…that’s an interesting question.  My family loves that I write, but they don’t like the erotic content of my books.  I’m currently pursing a few projects that are mild and even YA. And will be written under my real name as opposed to a pen name.  What makes me sad is that I’m not able to share my writing with my students because of the content.

Is there a to-be-read waiting on your bedside table?  Yes.  Always.  And it keeps growing.


Just for fun, I have a few personal questions, 

Favorite 5
1)  Favorite Holiday - Halloween
2) Favorite Drink – White Wine - Riesling
3) Favorite Author – Anne Rice/Jeanine Frost
4) Favorite Book – Gone With the Wind
5) Favorite Animal – Cat/Dog

And for a bonus:  What is a typical mood for you?  And is your mood different when you’re writing? 
 I’m a very silly person – quiet but silly.  My mood silliness does reflect in my writing in the form of humor. 


Where can our readers find you?? 
Amazon Author Page:

Siren Bookstrand Author Page:

Vice President - Las Vegas Romance Writers:

~~Welcome to the Wild West ~~Double D Ranch Tales Blogspot:

Co-Vice President - Hot Mojave Knights - A Las Vegas Reader Event - October 18-20, 2013


Is there an upcoming or current release you would like to share with us today and where can we find it?

Wild West Hauntings ~ Book 2 of the Double D Ranch Tales by C.R. Moss & R.M. Sotera ~ A contemporary, paranormal, erotic romance story set in Nevada.

In life and the afterlife, on the Double D Ranch one belief holds true—the power of love changes lives.

With cowboys, ghosts, modern day women, hot dreams, pre-wedding relations and a bit of sexy time travel, life promises to be one wild time on the ranch again.

Rachel Star has met the man of her dreams … literally. Too bad he’s a ghost. When true love crosses boundaries from dreams to reality and across time, the Double D ranch is the place it happens. It takes the love of a man from the past, Dalton Dougan, to bring love full circle in the present for Rachel.

Bristol Ashcombe, soon to be Dougan, is ready to have her baby … and so is a poltergeist. Can the love of a woman for her man and child sustain her during the most horrible of terrors? Can the love between family and friends really dispel the evil haunting them?

For more on the series and the book visit the Double D Ranch Tales blog at
Thank you so much for being with us today!!  It was great to learn more about you and I can't wait to read Wild West Hauntings!!!
Readers, make sure you get your copy today at Evernight Publishing !!
Until next time, happy reading !!

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