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Author, author... #giveaway all about it !!

Today we have author Erin Pryor here to talk with us and make sure you stick around because she's having a giveaway at the end !!

Hi Erin, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m 30 years old, been married for 12 years and have a beautiful 8 year old daughter and a handsome 4 year old son. I work full time, and try to squeeze in “retreat” weekends for my writing at least once a month, or every other month. I love writing and the possibilities of what can happen with my characters.

What did you want to be when you were growing up or did you always want to be a writer?

Actually, after I married my husband at 18, and fell in love with my favorite Author, Lynn Kurland, I secretly wanted to be a writer. But since I’d never been to College, I wondered if I could even pull it off and left it as a lofty goal that I would one day do before I died. Growing up as a kid, I wanted to be a Veternarian, but quickly realized I don’t like science, and hate needles even more.

When did you first start writing?

Three years ago, I dipped my hands in Fan Fiction. Haha. Funny now that I look back at it. I went to my first local chapter of the RWA in January, 2010. My writing has grown to a level I never thought to achieve before I turned 30. I attribute a lot of my success to going to meetings, participating in online classes, and openly listening to critiques on my work.

What is a typical writing day like for you? 

I typically do it a whole day at a time, which is about once a week. I start in the morning, go to my local coffee shop, plug in my laptop, put in my headphones, and start typing away. I layout a plan the night before with scenes that I want to accomplish by writing one scentence blurbs on each scene. It gives me enough information that I’m able to write a full chapter, or until the next point of view break.

Do you have any specific routine you follow or specific items you need with you when you write?

Yes, I need to be “away” from it all. I can’t write at home. Too many distractions with my kids. I have to step away, put my headphones in, and just focus on telling the story in a seamless manner.

What is your favorite part of writing?  Is there anything you don’t like about being a writer?

I love maneuvering characters in different ways, and seeing how they react to the situations they are thrown into. I mean, I have the jist of it down, but about halfway through the book, my characters seem to take a mind of their own and I’m just a vessel to be used in the transformation of their story. Plotting. I absolutely despise plotting. It is the most difficult thing for me. I mean, I can plot a few scenes in advance, but in order to properly execute a book, you need to plot the entire thing in advance, then the small scenes along the way. I don’t have a problem with the short term, but with the overall picture and trying to capture in in a way that will be executed seamlessly.

What is your favorite length of book to write?  (Short story, novella, full length novel) Why?

I think my most favorite to write is a full-length novel, even though Pillars In Time is a novella. I like having the time to set up the story and execute it in a way that people can follow without the story feeling rushed, or unrealistic.

How does your family feel about your writing and you being an author?

They love it. My 8 year old daughter especially. She is so proud to go to school and tell all of her friends that her mommy is a published author. My husband, who is a High School Teacher at our childrens school (Private School K-12), hears all the time about how students buy my book and love it. My daughter is my best cheerleader, and my husband is my champion. Without my husband’s support, especially with the young kids, I wouldn’t be able to get time to ever write.

Is there a to-be-read waiting on your bedside table?

Yes, the latest Lynn Kurland novel. My problem is that I work 12+ hours a day, 6+ days a week, on top of writing myself, and being a wife and mommy, I don’t have time to sit down and read. What I do have time for is listening to books on tape. I’m a member to and I listen to probably 1 book a week in the mornings while I’m working (I’m Bi-Polar and can majorly multi-task…lol).

Just for fun, I have a few personal questions, 

Favorite 5

1)          Favorite Holiday

I’m torn between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I think I like Thanksgiving more because I get to host it at our house.

2)         Favorite Drink

What kind? LoL. I think my FAVORITE drink is 7-up and Cranberry Juice mixed together….SOOOOO refreshing

3)         Favorite Author

Lynn Kurland

4)         Favorite Book

I know this sounds bad for being an author, but I don’t think I have one.

5)         Favorite Animal

Cat – because they are so self-sustaining. I tried the dog thing and though I love them, they are just not for me and my crazy/busy lifestyle.

And for a bonus:  What is a typical mood for you?  And is your mood different when you’re writing?

I’m a pretty happy-go-lucky person. I’m rarely caught in a bad mood, and when I am in one, it typically lasts for less than 5 minutes. I’m very bubbly and love to serve people (i.e. that’s why I love my job being a Mortgage Loan Processor). I wouldn’t say my mood is different when I’m writing, except with the exception of the scenes that I write. If I’m writing a scene with angst in it, I found that I’m wound up tight. When I write a scene where love is overflowing, I find that I miss my husband. So, I’m affected by the scenes I write, but my overall mood is the same.

Where can our readers find you?? 


Is there an upcoming or current release you would like to share with us today and where can we find it?

Pillars in Time
out now at
in the Bono Books line 
Determination is Cadence Hamilton’s middle name. Shesets her sights on a lofty goal in a man’s profession: to be the most sought after architect on the West Coast. When she hears of the chance to draft the renovation of a 14th Century Scottish castle, she jumps at her dream job…never expecting to be whisked away to the century itself.
Nicholas Kincaid, sole heir to Dunmaben castle, is in a horrible predicament: marry or forfeit his lands. But the woman who visits his dreams keeps him from falling into wedded bliss. With the clock ticking, he follows duty to marry to avoid losing his beloved home and will do whatever it takes to ensure the security and safety for all, both in and outside of his walls. Except the woman, who beholds secrets he seeks, becomes his distraction….
Neither Nicholas nor Cadence anticipates the threats close to home, or the lives that will be lost in the process. As their relationship is tested and unknown enemies revealed, will their love conquer all? Even the boundary of time?

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Before we let you leave us today, would you be willing to share a recipe with us?  I love to cook and am always looking for new recipes to try and share :)
Always a major hit when I host parties are the following two dips that I make.


6 Avocados
2-3 minced cloves of garlic – or 1.5-2 tsp
1-2 minced Serrano Chili Pepper
½ Sweet Onion – chopped
1 Anaheim Chili Pepper (or known as Passilla), minced
2-3 Grape Ripened Tomatoes, Chopped
1 Lime, cut in half, and squeezed into mixture
Salt – to taste
Cilantro – 3 tablespoons chopped up

Mash together, add salt and garlic to taste, add additional Serrano’s if not spicy enough. Serve.


Artichoke Dip

You need a pie dish & set your oven to 350 degrees

2 Cans of Artichoke Hearts – Chopped & set aside
16 oz of Cream Cheese (let this sit out for an hour so it is easy/smooth to mix)
2 cups of Mayonaise
2 cups of Parmessean Chees
2 Jalepeno Peppers – Minced

Keep 8 oz of the Parmessean Cheese set aside. Mix/Cream all other ingredients together, move to pie pan. Take remainder 1 cup of cheese and sprinkle on top of mixture. Cover with tinfoil, put in oven for 25 minutes. Remove tinfoil and keep in oven for a remainder 10-15 minutes. last thing! 
Erin has given us permission to do an eReader or PDF format giveaway of her title Pillars in Time. All you have to do is answer this question (if you read the interview, it should be easy)...
* What does Erin's Husband do??
Make sure when you leave your answer in the comments below, also leave your email address so that you can be contacted if you are a winner !
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Erin, thanks so much for sharing your day with us!  I hope you have many successes with Pillars in Time and am anxious to see the second book come out :)
Until next time, happy reading !

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  1. I am loving Pillars In Time! It is a really great time travel romance. It has made me remember how much I love this genre. Totally worth the read! And of course Erin is amazing too. =)