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Author, author... all about it !!

Today we are lucky enough to have Kacey Hammell back with another interview with her newest set of characters...Isabella & Brady...Yay !!!


Kacey: Good morning! Thanks again for stopping by Krista’s site to visit with me, Brady Jacobs & Isabella Knowles from ILLUSIONS and TIED DOWN. In TIED DOWN, it was a lot of fun to revisit these two.  Of course, a very fun part for me was battling another red head, and showing her who is boss.

Bella: What the hell, woman, you’ve lost your mind if you think you’re boss.

Kacey: Give it up, Bella, you know darn well that you were totally knocked on your ass in TIED DOWN. Hell, if people could have seen the surprise on your face, they’d laugh at you.

Bella: Go to hell. Look…

Brady: Ladies. Ladies! Really we go through this every time you’re together. Readers will never understand how the story—or should I say stories—got written if you hate one another. Now settle down.

Bella: Don’t tell me to settle down. She started it.

Kacey: Oh for god’s sake, we’re in grade school now.

Bella: Look…

Brady: Enough. Kacey, you have some questions for us?

My gaze narrows at Bella, who glares at me. I think the next book, I’ll have her fall down stairs or something, sheesh.

Kacey: Thank you, Brady, yes. How are you doing?

Brady: I’m fine, just fine. Thank you for sitting down with us today.

He grabs Bella’s hand and clasps it between his.

Kacey: I’m glad to be here with you…both. How are things going? Things settled down for the two of you, you’re both working together at the precinct. It’s commendable how you like to help, Brady.

Brady: Well, with these visions, it’s the best I can do for myself, to share this “gift” I’ve been given.

Bella: It takes a real man to stand up for what he believes in and set aside misgivings to share them with those around him.

Kacey: I agree. Bella, how do you cope with the visions? I know they happen anywhere, any place, is it difficult to not panic as they happen?

Bella: It can be difficult at times, but I’m there when I can be, and he’s stronger than many would think.

Brady: Ahh, ladies, you make me sound like something special. I’m just a man.

Kacey: You are special.

Bella glares at me. Bella: You’re a true hero, Jacobs. Don’t argue with me about it.

I roll my eyes. Bella and her ordering people around really drives me insane.

Kacey: I won’t reveal too much about what happened in TIED DOWN, but Bella, it was something that caught you by surprise. Would you say that it was exactly what you needed to sit up and take notice that it was time to make a commitment?

Bella: Well, I think it could have gone a bit more…smoothly I guess. It was a great surprise, a simple dinner and a movie would have sufficed.

Brady grins. Brady: But not nearly as much fun.

I laugh. Very true. The man is very mischievous.

Bella smiles slightly. Bella: Yes, it was fun. Adventurous.

The two share a smile and adoring looks. They really are the perfect pair. Both hold a big part of my heart.

Kacey: Bella, I look forward to featuring the event in one of the stories coming up in the series. I haven’t fully determined when that will be but I look forward to it.

Brady: Me too.

Bella: Just don’t go overboard. Really, the simpler the better.

Brady: I hope it’s all lavish and extravagant. You deserve it, Bella.

Bella shakes her head.

Kacey: It will happen as it happens. Now, Brady, if you had to describe Bella in three words what would they be?

Brady: Oh, that’s easy. Hard-headed, passionate and sexy.

Bella: That’s it? Come on, Jacobs, that’s all you got? What about open minded, generous, forgiving?

I chuckle. What a crock. Those are the least of the three words in the dictionary that I’d use to describe her.

Brady: You’re all those too, my love, but truthfully, my three come to mind first.

Kacey: Umm, Bella, what three words would you use to describe Brady?

Bella smiles. Bella: Hmm, definitely pigheaded, a pain in the ass and determined.

Brady: What about my sex appeal?

Bella: What about it? I don’t think anyone else needs to know about that.

Kacey: You can’t be serious. As if the readers don’t already know about his prowess in the bedroom, his spontaneity, his romantic side.

Bella: Well they don’t need to know more than what you have already shared with them. Christ, is nothing private?

Kacey: Not to the readers who love him.

Brady: And I love those readers as well. Bella, you know very well that readers like to know what makes us tick. And I forgot to add to my three words…you’re also the love of my life.

Bella’s face softens. Though we don’t always get along, I know how much she loves Brady. It’s the only thing that keeps me from making her life true hell.

Bella: And you’re mine.

Kacey: I’m so happy to see that look in both your eyes. You’re both so in love, it makes my heart hurt, and I’m filled with pride for what you’ve both overcome.

Brady: We love you, K, thank you for all you’ve done for us.

Bella: Yes, thank you.

I sniffle. An author is always teary-eyed when it comes to her characters.

Bella’s phone rings, breaking the silence. She looks down at the number and stands.

Bella: I have to go. Text from Connor. I’m needed on scene. Sorry, Kacey.

Kacey: I understand. I hope we can do this again.

Bella: Umm, sure. Sure. Yeah.

Brady stands and crosses to where I sit. He lifts my chin with his finger and presses his lips to mine. My heart races. Whew, he’s potent. Lips soft, firm. I hear Bella’s growl from somewhere in the room but don’t really care. This is my moment. He eases back.

Brady: Thank you, K., I’ll see you soon.

Bella glares at me, nods once then leaves. Brady closes the door behind them.

No matter how much she dislikes it, Bella will be seeing me very soon. The biggest day of her life is about to happen, and I might just make it all frilly, girly and crazy…exactly how she WON’T like it…

I smile, and start typing…





An “Edge” short story                                               

Connected to In the Arms of the Law Series

ISBN: 978-1-61333-370-9


Available at Decadent Publishing


The time has come for Brady Jacobs to grab hold of the woman he loves and their future. But his lady, Isabella Knowles, is skittish. She’ll bolt at the mention of a future with him. He needs to handle her with precise planning, tools to seduce and never give her a moment to flee.

Brady will tie her down, pleasure her, push her farther than she’s ever experienced…then ask her to marry him. But no amount of planning can ensure Bella’s answer won’t include the business end of her Glock.



© Kacey Hammell


Isabella stirred at a tug on her ankle. She shifted, not in any way eager to wake up.

Snuggling her cheek deeper into the pillow, she sighed. The web of slumber curled around her as she relaxed again.

At the shuffle of footsteps and a thump, she stirred. Her eyes flew open and she lifted her head. As she shifted to her side, she gasped.

Why couldn’t she move?

Jesus, what the hell?

Danger screamed through her mind while she took in the room around her. Right where she’d fallen asleep, in Brady’s bed.

No need to fear for her safety. Right?

“What the fuck is this?” Damn the bindings around her wrists and feet. “Brady!” she screamed. She’d kill the bastard who dared to enter their personal space. Cripes, if he’s been hurt, she’d carve out their hearts and throw the bodies in the ocean.


“I’m right here, babe.”

His head appeared over the foot of the bed. Her heart skipped a beat. Safe. Her head fell back in relief. She’d die if something happened to him. Could never relive him ever being hurt again. She’d barely survived once before when he’d been stabbed and almost blown to bits. She did not ever want to go through anything like it again.

“You okay, babe? These scarves aren’t too tight, are they?”

So lost in her own thoughts, she forgot she lay there, tied like some prisoner.

“What the hell? What’s going on?” He knelt at the end of the bed. She gaped as she took in her naked body, the scarves holding her legs and arms captive. Her heart rate accelerated. She had no control over any of this. Desperate to get out of the ties and the situation, she pulled hard, jerked her limbs to escape their captivity.

“Fuck! Goddamn it. Let me loose.”




Available at …



Purchase Illusions & Awakenings, which precede this story, at Decadent Publishing



Readers can learn more about Kacey’s books/contact her…


Until next time, happy reading!!


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