Monday, September 17, 2012

Author, author... all about it !!

Today we have a character interview with the Hero in

Lillian Grant's
Go with the Flo

I expected to be interviewing Florence Spring the heroine of Go With The Flo, so I am a bit taken aback when Nelson Tyler saunters in.  He casts his eye around the room before taking off his leather jacket, tossing it on an empty chair, and then sliding onto the sofa. After placing his left ankle on his right knee he grins.
Q. Where’s Florence?
A. She’s tied up.
Q. You mean busy?
His shit eating grin leaves me in no doubt about the answer, but I wait anyway.
A. Tied up as in with rope and my best pair of handcuffs. It’s the only way I can be sure she’s safe.
Q. You think talking to me would put her in danger?
A. She wasn’t plannin’ on comin’. I’m just doin’ as she asked.
Q. She asked you to tie her up and come in her place?
He let out a loud sigh.
A.    No, she told me to come and do the interview while she went off to investigate what’s happenin’ at the Malones. You know what she’s like. She’s got it in her head that Mr. Malone is traffickin’ human slaves so she wants to snoop around. I did her a favor when I tied her up.
Q.  Ah, protecting her from herself again. You do that a lot don’t you?
A.  It’s what friends do. Squirt needs someone to keep her out of trouble. She can be a    bit flighty. I’d never let anythin’ happen to her.
Q. She’s more than a friend though isn’t she? Didn’t you mind about her going off looking for her missing ex boyfriend?
A.  She’s not my prisoner. She does what she wants and Eddie Cain is nothin’ to her. Just a case of a missing person she wanted to solve. If I minded I wouldn’t have helped. Besides that’s all in the past now.
Q. And his flashing?
A.  Never saw it myself but I don’t think I have anythin’ to worry about. Rumor has it he doesn’t have a whole lot to brag about.
He glances at his watch.  “Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go.”
Q.  To untie Florence?
His chuckle is pure verbal foreplay.
A.    What would be the fun in that?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
When Florence notices her eccentric ex-boyfriend, Eddie, isn't putting on his usual show in the front window on Friday night, she decides to investigate. She asks her best friend, Nelson Tyler, to help but he seems more interested in seducing Florence than in finding her personal flasher. Florence has no idea when she embarks on the adventure she will accidentally shoot an undercover policeman, or that her actions will lead to Nelson's kidnapping. Now with two men missing she has no choice but to continue and thwart the plans of a psychotic soon-to-be divorcee. She needs to rescue Nelson because life without him is unbearable, especially since she's discovered his long sensitive fingers are far more erotic than scissorhands. 
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About our author :
Lillian Grant
Born and bred in the UK, my whole life was turned on its head when, at the tender age of eighteen, I met and fell instantly in love with my darling husband. I knew the minute I met him I was going to marry him and, fortunately, he came to the same conclusion less than six months later.

My husband has shown me the world, starting by bringing me to Australia. The country we now call home, and where we have raised our two boys. It didn't take me long to turn native, becoming a citizen and dropping the British accent. However, our wanderlust didn't stop there, we have moved from state to state always ready for a new adventure. We have also visited many destinations around the world.

My stories reflect my love for travel and exotic locations, along with my quirky British sense of humor. Well, you can't give up all of your heritage now can you?
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