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Author, author all about it !! 

Please welcome Lillian Grant to our humble abode!!

Lillian so great to have you here today:)  Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I was born in London and raised in the UK but I emigrated to Australia and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. When I am not working at the day job or writing I love to travel.

What did you want to be when you were growing up or did you always want to be a writer?

I used to be involved in amateur dramatics in my teens. I dreamed of being an actress or pop star.  I even learned to play the guitar. I did sing with a band a few years ago but unfortunately I was destined for another career and fate turned me into a tax accountant. I never thought about writing until a friend suggested I stop messing about writing stuff to amuse myself and seek publication.

When did you first start writing?

I started writing about 7 years ago. To begin with I wrote with friends for fun. We would take it in turns to add scenes to a never ending story. One of them thought I should try writing something for publication so I did. The rest is history.

What is a typical writing day like for you? 

I try to write everyday. If my hubby goes to work early I grab a cup of green tea, fire up the netbook and sit in my study and try to do what I can before I leave for the day job. If I am not tied up in meetings at lunchtime I drive to a nearby rooftop car park, switch on the CD player, flick open a can of Coke Zero, break out the netbook and get to work. With no internet and nothing to look at I can write quite a few words in an hour. I usually set myself writing goals each day.  In the evenings, once dinner and the chores are done, I sit on the sofa and catch up with blog posts, critiquing for other people etc. I am too mentally exhausted to write after a day at work. On the weekends I try to find a few hours to spend writing but as we are in the midst of renovating our house it’s not always easy.

Do you have an specific routine you follow or specific items you need with you when you write?

I usually have a can of Coke Zero, a cup of tea, or a glass of wine to hand, depending on the time of day. I usually write with music playing. Silence is very distracting. Other than that I can write anywhere.

What is your favorite part of writing?  Is there anything you don’t like about being a writer?

My favourite part of writing is getting a new idea. When a plot first pops into your head it is all bright and shiny and full of potential. You have to resist the urge to drop your current story and start a new one, not that I always succeed as evidenced by the number of half written books clogging up my hard drive.

I don’t like marketing. I feel kind of stupid asking people to buy my books even though I love them all. I used to sell Avon door to door years ago. We had to buy the catalogues and I never made a profit. I don’t think my sales technique worked. It went something like. “Hi, I’m here to collect my Avon catalogue. You don’t have to by anything if you don’t want to.” Guess what? Mostly they decided they didn’t want to buy anything. I guess I should stick to my strengths and leave selling to someone who knows what they are doing.

What is your favorite length of book to write?  (Short story, novella, full length novel) Why?

I love to write full length novels. I have written a novella but most of the plots I have don’t lend themselves to something that short. I love to have the words to get right into the heads of my characters and to tease out the plot. I am not fond of reading short stories because a lot of them barely get started and they’re finished.

How does your family feel about your writing and you being an author?

My husband likes to pretend I write something else.  My kids told me they would never tell anyone I wrote erotic romance but they did. None of them have read my books although their girlfriends have.

Is there a to-be-read waiting on your bedside table?

I have more than one book on my TBR pile. I am working through JD Robb’s In Death Series and JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I also have Errol Flynn’s autobiography that I am reading for research purposes.

For fun, I have a few personal questions, 

Favorite 5

1)     Favorite Holiday   Definitely Hamilton Island off the coast of Tropical Nth Queensland. It’s near the Barrier Reef and I love to snorkel with the coral, beautiful fish and sea turtles. The scantily clad men on the beach aren’t bad either.

2)     Favorite Drink  A smoky shiraz from McLaren Vale which is not far from my home in South Australia

3)     Favorite Author Oh hard question. I have so many. Today I would say JD Robb. I love her In Death Series. The characters are just wonderful.

4)     Favorite Book The Rum Diary by Hunter S. Thompson. It has no real plot and just when you think it will get to the point the book ends and yet the descriptions, the setting, the overall feel of the book draws me back again and again.

5)     Favorite Animal Sea Turtles. I snorkeled with some when I was on holiday and they are the most beautiful and graceful creatures when you see them in their natural environment.

And for a bonus:  What is a typical mood for you?  And is your mood different when you’re writing?

My husband would probably say grumpy especially in the mornings LOL.  I am actually a very happy person.  The only time my mood affects my writing is if I have a sex scene to write. You can’t write something that intense unless you are in the right frame of mind.  Some days I just close the netbook and have to say maybe tomorrow.

Where can our readers find you?? 




Is there an upcoming or current release you would like to share with us today and where can we find it?

The book I am currently promoting is called Male Review. It’s book two in my Reigning Men Series.

It can be found at Liquid Silver Books Amazon  All Romance Ebooks and Fictionwise

A nymphomaniac octogenarian great aunt, a frigid mother, and a BDSM male strip club, what could possibly go wrong?

Sam Stephens and Meg Riley are in love, and finally on the cusp of sex anytime, anywhere, anyhow. That is until Meg’s Great Aunt Maud, the octogenarian nymphomaniac, gets tossed out of the old folk’s home and moves in with them, closely followed by her polar opposite, Meg’s scarily frigid mother.
When Meg’s best friend Laura convinces Aunt Maud to invest in Male Review, a BDSM themed male strip joint, it seems to be just one more step along the path to madness
. Laura’s last venture ended with Meg being arrested as a pimp. When former prostitute Michael is hired as the bar manager the whole thing is surely destined for disaster. He’s to blame for the crazies invading Meg’s home and even worse, he still has the hots for her.

If she wants to get her life back all Meg needs to do is find a new home for Maud, resolve the dispute between her warring parents, keep Michael at arm’s length and rescue her relationship with Sam before it disintegrates completely. Male Review appears to be just one more problem to deal with, but perhaps it could provide an unexpected solution.


Sam thought about detouring into his bedroom, but instead he kept going until he got to the bathroom. Meg would be more relaxed with a locked door between them and her aunt. Nothing was going to stop him now, not even Maud. A man could only live with the woman he loved and hold her at arm’s length for so long. Not that he wanted to make out in front of the old lady. She didn’t need anything else to rev her engine, but something had to give, and right now his balls were aching with a fierce desire like never before.

He swung the door open, stepped inside, and dragged Meg in with his free hand before she had a chance for second thoughts. Although, from the way her pupils dilated, her soft pink lips slightly parted and nipples pressed hard against her nightwear, he doubted she had a coherent thought in her head. He wasn’t far behind her. If he didn’t re-consummate his love for her soon, he was going to explode.

He pushed the door shut and turned the lock before pinning her against it. Her breasts squashed against his bare chest, the warm fabric of her night dress the only barrier between them. When she brushed her lips over his the pulse in his groin quickened. He needed to take a moment or he would shoot his wad before she was even close to orgasm, and their relationship didn’t work that way. They had rules. No release for him without at least one for her. The thought of her pussy pulsating around him didn’t help any. With a soft moan, he pushed away, making some space between them. She was too short for sex in the shower to work without added elevation, but he had the problem in hand.

He passed her the ice cream and spoon, and then opened the cupboard door. He turned around with a huge grin on his face and her best pair of fuck-me sandals swinging from his index finger.

“You little bugger. I’ve been looking all over for those.”

“I figured I might as well keep them handy. Never know when you could have a shower emergency and need them.”

“What, like a having to call a plumber kind of emergency?”

Sam stepped closer, pinning her to the door with his body. A tide of lust swept through him and settled as a hardening pulse in his erect manhood. “I can be your plumber, painter, or anything else you need. I’m always available to be your tool man.”

Meg dipped the spoon into the ice cream, and then dribbled the cool confection over Sam’s pecs. Leaning forward, she lapped at his skin. Her perfect mouth did things to him no other woman ever had. Gasping for air, he purred beneath her hot tongue—if he had been a rocket, she would have just lit his fuse with that move.

Sam dipped his finger into the dessert and slipped it between her lips before replacing his finger with his tongue. They played tongue tag as the deliciously cool treat melted in their mouths. With a loud moan, Meg dropped the tub to the floor and wrapped her arms around his neck. The spoon landed on the gleaming white ceramic tiles with an ear shattering clatter and they both froze.

Meg pulled back and swallowed before whispering, “Do you think she heard us?”

He listened for a moment, and then shook his head. “Nope, thankfully she’s as deaf as a post. So, let’s make the most of our time alone.”


Meg fought the urge to cover herself when he glided her already open robe and her nightdress off her shoulders and down her arms. Even though she had been dieting for a couple of weeks and Sam said he loved all her girly curves, she was still a tiny bit self-conscious about being nude in front of him. Apparently oblivious to her concerns, he eased her night attire to the floor, along with her sensible cotton panties.

He cupped her breasts and smothered them with kisses. All thoughts about who was nude with whom and how they looked evaded her. She stifled a moan when he moved to trail kisses over her stomach and ever closer to her aching center. How the hell had they kept their hands off each other for a month?


His voice sounded muffled as he kissed her heated mound. “Uh huh?”

“Have you been … been … been … oh … God … your tongue … I … have you been jacking off?”

A deep chuckle sent a wave of warm breath between her now parted thighs. “Nope, I’ve been saving myself for you.”

She buried her fingers in his hair and sucked air between her teeth when he finally teased her pulsing clit with the very tip of his tongue. If he did that many more times, she would teeter into the oblivion of orgasm before the wild stallion trotted out of his stall.

After one last flick of his tongue, he turned his attention to her feet. He slipped her sandals on, and then stood up. When he hooked his thumbs in the sides of his boxers, she grabbed at him.

“Stop. Mine.”

He grinned, put his hands behind his head rippling his pecs, and watched through hooded lids as she eased his rigid cock free, slipping his underwear to the floor.

At eye level with her heart’s desire, she couldn’t resist some teasing of her own. She wrapped her fingers around his steely shaft and softly licked at the sensitive skin just below the swollen head. His blood pulsed beneath her touch and she would swear to God his dick grew another inch.

With a growl, he pulled her to her feet and reached in to turn the shower taps on. Apparently happy the water was warm enough, he walked her backward into the shower cubicle and slid the glass door shut. His mouth stifled her squeal of complaint when her back hit the cool tile wall. Clearly, washing wasn’t on the agenda. Not that she was complaining. Being clean was overrated.

Sam’s kiss was bruising. All the pent up frustration of a month with no sex was in his kiss. She returned the rabid embrace with matching ferocity. If he didn’t get his cock inside her in the next twenty seconds, she would scream, Aunt Maud or no Aunt Maud. Desperate to consummate their illicit tryst, they fumbled madly like a couple of virgins. With a growl of protest, Sam dragged her left leg over his hip. With no more than a cursory slide of his fingers the length of her hot, wet slit, he positioned himself for entry.

Meg gasped for air, already on the brink of release, when a light bulb went on in her head. “Condom!”

Sam closed his eyes and fought for breath, his chest rising and falling as he leaned against her full breasts.

“They’re in my room. Have you got one?”

Meg groaned and shook her head. How could they have finally found a few minutes alone in a locked room and have no condoms? She stared into Sam’s eyes, dark with passion, and she reached between them and grasped his steely rod. “I don’t care. I’ve waited four weeks for this.”

Sam swallowed. “I’ll pull out before I come and you can finish me with your hand.”

This was madness. She knew enough about Sam’s sexual history to know she only risked one thing. Even without him coming inside her she could get knocked up, but right now she didn’t care. Meg nodded her agreement, and then her eyelids fluttered as he slid his cock home. They rocked together. He mapped her neck and face with his tongue and lips and she grabbed his butt, holding him tight to her as he lengthened his stroke and slipped ever deeper. Her pussy rippled with pent up need, welcoming the wild invader home. When he palmed the back of her thigh and slid his hand closer to her swollen, needy bud, she moaned into his mouth. One flick of his calloused fingertip sent her into spasms of near ecstasy and elicited a grunt of approval from her wet and wild lover. One more touch and she would orgasm. She knew Sam would never hold back, and she realized she didn’t want him to.

“Sam, I love you.”

“I love you too.” He kissed her fiercely, and she knew today could well be the day she made her mother’s life by conceiving her first grandchild.

“Meg? Meg?” Fists pounded on the door. “Meg, are you in there? I need to use the toilet. I think I’ve had a wet dream. Mr. Drabinski says he has them all the time. That’s why his trousers are always damp.”

Meg groaned with frustration. Not now, not when they were just about to … God, Sam was shrinking fast. His cock flopped out of her and she dropped to her knees with a moan of, “No, no,” intent on giving his manhood mouth to mouth.

Sam let out a growl and slammed his hand into the shower wall. “Give it up, Meg. She’s hell bent on ruining our lives.”

“Meg, who are you talking to?”

One last thing before we let you leave us.  Do you have a favorite recipe you'd like to share?  I like to cook and am always looking for new recipes to try and share but it's totally up to you.

A favourite recipe.

My favourite recipe requires no cooking what so ever.

Ginger Cream Pudding.


A packet or Marie Biscuits

A can of Nestle Caramel

A tub of thick fresh cream

A tub of runny fresh cream

Stem ginger in syrup.

You layer the biscuits with caramel and thick cream and sprinkle with chopped ginger then cover with the runny cream and keep going until all the biscuits are gone. Leave in the fridge overnight and you have a gooey, gingery, caramel delight.

Yummy, that does sound really good !!  Male Review also sounds like a great read.  Thanks so much for being with us today and sharing a little about yourself. 

Readers, make sure you pick up Male Review  today. 

Until next time, happy reading!  


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