Friday, July 20, 2012

Finally Friday... #Giveaway

As if I didn't already like Fridays, today just happens to be one of my own stories from the backlist of books from .....Turquoise Morning Press :)  Yay!!!

Hi, I'm  Krista Ames

and I wrote Surf's Up in the Summer Shorts Anthology ...

Summer Shorts is a collection of light romantic reads about love, life and endless summer nights.  With everything from a first kiss, to the rekindling of a long marriage, there is something for everyone. Beaches, cruises and summer days, perfect for tucking into your beach bag or your e-reader, and heading off to lie in the sun, bask in the warm breezes, and dream….

Surf’s Up by Krista Ames 

  ..along with these other great authors and their stories ::

Declarations of Dependence by Margaret Ethridge

Best Friends by Suzanne Barrett
Retrieving Hope by Bobbye Terry

Beach Towel by Grace Greene

Fireworks by Julie Anne Lindsey

The Green House by Amie Denman

Old Devil Moon by Bobbye Terry

Release: August 8, 2011   
  Category: Romance, Short Stories     Price:$2.99
Heat Level: Sweet      Length: @38,000 words    

Excerpt from Surf's Up::

Every time he felt steady on the board, had a wave he could ride and would stand up, his focus would zip straight for the woman in the white bikini a ways in shore in front of him. He'd noticed her his first time out and with each additional glimpse, his attempts resulted in a nose dive. That woman needed to go back in her house before he really hurt himself. On the other hand, maybe she knew how to surf?


Kylee couldn‟t take much more of watching this poor guy wipe out every time he stood up. It just looked painful. She didn‟t know how to surf herself but after watching him, she wasn‟t about to try either. Even if she did know how, she wouldn‟t help. She was hiding out at her Grammy‟s winter home on the gulf coast for a reason; mending a broken heart, not meeting another guy.

You can find this anthology several places, two of which are Turquoise Morning Press and of course Amazon !!


Just for fun, one lucky commenter on today's post will win a digital copy of Summer Shorts!!!!  So make sure you leave a comment and your email so if you're picked as the winner, I know how to contact you. 

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  1. Hello :)
    I love beach books and summer books. This book sounds interesting when you read it on the beach or somewhere near it!
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    1. Thanks for stoping by would be a perfect beach read !!!

  2. krista. love to read your exciting

    1. Well Sharon, that's awful nice of you to say, thank you very much !!!

    2. Krista Ames

      It would be great to read your books .Love short stories.

      Christie Rice

    3. Well hello Christie, I would love for you to read my books :) I love short stories too and I love to write them. Thanks for visiting !!