Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Almost Christmas....

Please tell me, where in the world has the time gone???  It doesn't help that we don't have snow here in Northern Michigan or maybe it would feel more like Christmas.  I think all my shopping is done.  Tree is up, gifts aren't wrapped yet but i have a little time.  My husband and I each have kids and all our kids are with their "other" parent this Christmas :(  It's sad, I don't like having Christmas morning without the kids all excited and loud.  Our house will be quiet but it will give me some extra time to have the presents all wrapped and ready.  The least amount of time the presents are under the tree the better.  Our darn kitty thinks it's her playground.  I'm a traditional mom.  I like presents all unwrapped on Christmas morning and a nice Christmas dinner in the afternoon.  Well not this year and it's driving me batty.  We have decided this year our Christmas dinner will be a New Year's Eve celebration.  We are cooking a big ole ham and all the trimmings and our littlest munchkins will get a nap in the afternoon so they can stay up for the ball to drop on the new Year!  This way i still get to do all the traditional stuff, just a week late.  We'll be having all kinds of finger food.  A cheese ball with crackers, veggies & dip, spinach dip and crackers, maybe even a hot clam dip for mom and dad!   We'll need lots of crackers.  Then Sunday will be all left overs, no cooking for mom, and dad will be parked in front of the TV for football.  Maybe I'll get some writing done. 

Do you have any traditions that you like to follow for Christmas or the New Year with your family and friends?  I'd love to hear about them.


  1. No snow in Michigan? It didn't feel like Christmas in San Francisco either. Just moved here from Wales, no children to wrap presents for this year, just bank transfers. We did play 'Categories' with my sister & her family, but other than that, none of our usual Annual Christmas Party, caroling with the choir, Midnight Mass (although we did attend the Choral Eucharist at Grace Cathedral. New traditions will be started. Lovely post, Krista.

  2. Thanks so much! Wow Wales? Quite a move. That must have been a little bit of an adjustment. New traditions is a good thing i think! I've had plenty of those in the last couple years myself. Thanks for commenting and please come back anytime!