Thursday, November 10, 2011

My current releases !! you thought i got too actually!

I now have 4 releases out exciting!! 

This was my first release, Love in an Elevator!                                                   
Perfect again for our upcoming season....There are also so other really great stories in this anthology by some really great authors.
Second Hand Horses by Amy LeBlancMall Magic by Cat Shaffer
Another Quirky Christmas by Tonya Kappes
Concourse Christmas by Margaret Ethridge
Fixing Christmas by Elizabeth Chalkley
Angel on Board by Janethe Twelve Seductive Days of Christmas                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
2nd...Love Takes the Cake

Also a host of other great authors in this anthology...
Suzanne Barrett, Elizabeth Chalkley,
 Marissa Dobson, Janet Eaves, Jennifer Johnson,
Margaret Ethridge, Amy Le Blanc, Tracy March,
 Nancy Naigle, Cat Shaffer, Bobbye Terry

3rd in line is...Whiskey's Sweet Revenge in the
All Bets are On Anthology
along with....
Remember My Love by Cheryl Norman
The Winner by Jan Scarbrough
Going The Distance by Margaret Ethridge
As Luck Would Have It by Christina Wolfer
Glynda’s Dare by Shanon Grey
Whiskey’s Sweet Revenge by Krista Ames

And last but not least.......and so much fun to write !!!
Surf's Up!   A sweet beach romance...
again, along with some other great authors
Declarations of Dependence by Margaret EthridgeBest Friends by Suzanne BarrettRetrieving Hope by Bobbye Terry
Beach Towel by Grace Greene
by Julie Anne Lindsey
The Green House by Amie Denman
Old Devil Moon by Bobbye Terry

All 4 of these are available thru my publisher, Turquoise Morning Press, just click
on the link below and it will take you right to their bookstore.

As always i welcome any contact and questions so please feel free to comment or email me!!



  1. All the books look great! Thanks for sharing. I'm following you now. ;)

  2. It's funny you mention getting lost. I honestly thought you gave up on this site. But when I received my notice in my inbox for this post, I actually smiled and said to myself "There she is!"

    Congratulations on your four releases! It feels so good, doesn't it?

  3. Thanks so much Ciara!!! And yes Renee, it does feel good and for a while i was afraid i wouldn't ever get back to this site either. You know, hectic life etc but have done some changing so hopefully i'm back on track now!!!