Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Weekend story......Kindness in the world !!

Hi everyone, 

I just have to share something that happened this weekend.  My spouse and I went out on Saturday night.  OK now that might be a normal thing for some but with 4 kids, we don't do that often.  So, kids were at grandma & grandpa's and we were headed out of town to find a theatre to watch Paranormal Activity 2.  Not every one's choice i know, but we like those kinds of movies.  Anyway, we end up finding a theatre playing that movie and it's a 7:05 show and it's 5ish so we decide to go out for dinner.  Outback is a favorite and we settle in at the bar, order drinks and an appetizer and our dinner.  Shortly after receiving our appetizer, a couple sits down next to us and the gentleman strikes up a conversation about the football game playing at the time.  He's a Michigan fan and us Michigan State fans, the men definitely had things to discuss.  The gentleman's spouse joins him and we really strike up some conversation, discussing our families and jobs, how we met and what we did in our spare time, including my writing.  We covered everything.  This couple was so nice and we wish now we had just simply asked their names, how foolish to let that one detail slip away.  We ate our dinner, delicious by the way, and finished our drinks but the wonderful couple had finished their drinks first and decided it was time for them to be going so we said our goodbyes and they left.  We then placed our credit card on the bar with the bill and the bar tender then tells us, "you're all set, the couple that just left paid your tab."  We were both in shock.  We had never met that couple before that night.  How unbelievably kind was that and how many people are there left in the world that do that sort of thing.  They were the kind of people we really hit it off with and would love to keep in touch, and of course repay the gesture in some way.  I did give the woman my blog address and email so i really do hope i hear from her.  We would love to at least thank them for that most generous gesture. 

Anybody every have something that nice happen to you?

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