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Author, author... Sorcha Mowbray all about her !!!
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Sorcha Mowbray
Hi Sorcha, so great to have you here with us.  Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I’m an office dweller by day and a romance writer by night whenever I can squeeze it in. I’m also an avid romance reader. But aren’t we all? I am married and live in Southern California with my hubby and my cats. God! I sound like the future cat lady! LOL!
Do real life events find their way into your stories?
So far, not really. Mostly because I’ve written historical romance. I have a contemporary erotic story coming out that has only a teensiest bit of real life in it. I mean, I did work in a Mergers & Acquisition firm in New York once upon a time. None of the events in the story have ever actually occurred!
Do you ever mimic family members or people you know when you choose characters?
 I don’t consciously choose to, but I won’t say personality traits don’t make it in. J Little bits here and there, but never a whole person just cut from real life and pasted into my book.
Do you find yourself going back to the same inspiration for each story or is it always something different?
Oh, always something different. I get ideas from all kinds of places. Movies, songs, and even scenarios I play in my head. I love to play the “What if?” game with myself.
When do you write?  Early morning? During the day sometime or all day?  After the kids go to bed?
I squeeze it in when I can. Most times I write at night or weekends. But there are days when I get a little in at work on breaks and what not. I’ve been known to scratch out a few pages in long hand just to appease the need to write.
How do you feel about marketing your book?
I don’t really mind most of the time. In fact, I mostly love talking about my books. I get so excited about each new baby I mean book.
What social sites do you feel work best for marketing?
 I don’t know to be honest. I think it depends on what social media works for you personally. I try to do Facebook, but I’m pretty sure I suck at it because I just don’t know what to say there. Twitter is more my speed since it is little bits of text in a stream. I am also trying another endeavor with a forum on my site. I like this idea a lot because it is more than just about me or my books. I want it to be a place where lovers of erotic romance can hang out and talk books, characters, or hell swap recipes!
Do you like to pitch stories to your publisher or do you wait until you have written the story and have a final manuscript to turn in?
So far I haven’t had the luxury of pitching story ideas. I would love to try to do that, but for now I am still in the write it and then sell it mode.
Is there any other genre that you would love to try writing?  If so, what is it?
Write or wrong I think I have my fingers in all the pies I really want to be in. LOL! Oh wait…maybe something in the Urban Fantasy area. I do love a good UF story.
Do you always/ever see yourself as the heroine/hero when you write a story?
God no! I like to think I’m more astute than they are sometimes. But then again, I am human. I’m sure I’ve done equally dense things as them.
Just for fun, I have a few personal questions, 
Favorite 5
1)      Favorite Male Actor  - Vincent D’Onofrio (he is such a fabulous character actor!)
2)      Favorite vehicleAnyting fast. I have a lead foot but not the car to go with it.
3)      Favorite way to relaxA good book, my bed, and a glass of wine
4)      Favorite ice creamCookie Dough!
5)      Favorite outfitBlack pencil skirt, red peep toe heels, white blouse, and black cardigan – I may or may not sport my specs depending on my mood
And for a bonus:  If you could pick any place in the world to live, besides where you are now, where would it be?  (Of course, without the hindrance of jobs or money needed)
Some tropical island. I want to lounge on the beach and then stroll to my patio to write! Le sigh.
Where can our readers find you?? 
Is there an upcoming or current release you would like to share with us today and where can we find it?
Love Reclaimed
Owner of one of the most successful brothels in London, Madame Marie Marchander has seen
and done it all. Jaded by the hand life dealt her, she gave up on love the night her virginity was auctioned off twenty years earlier. But then the boy, now a man, she once loved walks in to her establishment.

Jonathan Pierce, Baron Heartfield, had waited too long to save the woman he loved. A man no longer bound by the vows taken as a boy nor under the influence of his father, he is determined to woo and win the heart of the only woman he ever loved. The fact she was forced in to prostitution is of little consequence beyond the guilt he bears for not interceding with her father.
Resolved to prove to Jonathan that she is not in need of saving, nor is she an appropriate wife, Marie agrees to take him as a lover for six months. Steadfast in his love, he launches an assault on her heart with all the strategy his years in the military afford him. His only goal, to reclaim her love.

Decadent Publishing | Amazon | B&N | | ARe | Coffee Time Romance | Authorgraph

Excerpt #1

Madame Marchander paused from the conversation to survey her packed main salon. A deep sense of satisfaction settled in her bones. Philippe had informed her most of the rooms were occupied at present, and the card room bustled as well.

Business remained excellent.

Her gaze drifted across the room and collided with the tall figure of a man who impeded her view as he stood over the small group of fawning gents arranged at her feet. Shifting directions, her gaze swept down and then up the masculine form. Arriving at his face, the blood in her head deserted her as an older but all too-familiar face swam within her vision. Jonathan Pierce, currently styled the Baron of Heartfield according to her sources, had been her first love.

One of the men noticed her distress and patted her hand. "Madame Marchander, are you not well?"

Her head swam as the room closed in on her. Why was he there? What could he want? Was it presumptuous to assume he could be looking for her? She rose and the men parted so she could pass. "Please, I fear I am a bit warm with so many of you crowded around. I think a breath of air would be best."

"Madame, please allow me to escort you." Baron Heartfield slipped her hand into the crook of his arm and led her toward the French doors open onto the rear gardens.

"Do I know you, sir?" Hiding behind formality and time, she opted to continue pretending Marie Doring no longer existed.

"Baron Heartfield, Madame Marchander, or may I call you Marie as I once did?" Familiar blue eyes sparkled as he swept aside her deflection.

"Madame Marchander will do." Anger overcame her initial distress. What brought him to The Market? Why resurrect ancient history? She had not heard he was low on funds, so it was doubtful he intended blackmail. If the gentry of Coventry learned what had become of Miss Marie Doring, it might cause a ripple of scandal, but her sisters were long married and could weather the storm. They had little contact, the occasional bit of correspondence and the annual Christmas card being all she allowed.

Her skirts brushed past the doorframe as they attained the patio. The cool air, brisk and refreshing, snapped her back after the shock of seeing him for the first time in twenty years.

"I see." He paused. "Very well, I’ll permit you to hide behind formality for now. You look beautiful as ever." Warm, strong fingers stroked the bare skin of her hand he held captive.

"You will permit me?" Her spine stiffened in indignation while she arched one eyebrow at the infuriating man. "My Lord, you may be a peer of the realm, but I am the queen of my domain. I could easily have you removed from the premises and refuse you entrance in the future."

"Don’t get your feathers ruffled. It is good to see you again."

"Is it?"

~     ~     ~     ~     ~

Sorcha Mowbray is a mild mannered office worker by day…okay, so she is actually a mouthy, opinionated, take charge kind of gal who bosses everyone around; but she definitely works in an office. At night she writes romance so hot she sets the sheets on fire! Just ask her slightly singed husband.

She is a longtime lover of historical romance, having grown up reading Johanna Lindsey and Judith McNaught. Then she discovered Thea Devine and Susan Johnson. Holy cow! Heroes and heroines could do THAT? From there, things devolved into trying her hand at writing a little smexy. Needless to say, she liked it and she hopes you do too! | Tweet @sorchamowbray | Sorcha’s Fan Page | Sorcha’s Goodreads | Silken Sheets & Seduction

Sorcha, I can't thank you enough for being here with us today , sharing things about yourself and Love Reclaimed and I surely can't wait to read the whole Market Series !!!  Please feel free to come back again any time !!!

Until next time,

Happy reading !!


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