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Today we have author Meredith Smith with us to share a little about herself and her works :)

Hi Meredith and welcome !  Can you tell us a little about yourself?

·         Hi Kirsta! I am an Intuitive reader of dreams, dream images, spirits, and different forms of energy…. And now author of DreamWorkers Behind the Veil; Night Shift Dreams. I live in the Pacific Northwest and despite the rain and cold it is very beautiful up here, I love the ocean and mountains in this area.

Do real life events find their way into your stories?

·         Yes. I write about dreams, spirits, astral traveling, and energy healing. My book DreamWorkers; Behind the Veil Night Shift Dreams is a non-fiction book.

Do you find yourself going back to the same inspiration for each story or is it always something different?

·         I write about what happens in our dreamtime… when our physical self lays down to rest our soul astral travels through dimensional realms usually invisible to the waking naked eye.

When do you write?  Early morning? During the day sometime or all day?  After the kids go to bed?

·         Early morning, before the sun rises is my favorite time to write, as I am most connected to returning from the dimensional realms. I feel most creative in the early morning hours. It is peaceful and my daughter and husband are both still sound asleep. I do write during the day – it varies depending on my schedule.

How do you feel about marketing your book?

·         It’s hard work – it is exhausting! Ha ha! It is much more time consuming than writing. It has been fun though, no complaints here. I feel very grateful! I have met some amazing people through this process and many doors are beginning to open for me. I stay up a little later so I can do more of the marketing / research after dinner … and then I get to focus on my writing and dreams in the morning.

What social sites do you feel work best for marketing?

·         I am not sure. I am still trying to get into the swing of things with social media. I have found being a guest on various internet radio shows has been the best way to connect with people.

Do you like to pitch stories to your publisher or do you wait until you have written the story and have a final manuscript to turn in?

·         I wait until I have the story written and final manuscript to turn in.

Is there any other genre that you would love to try writing?  If so, what is it?

·         Fiction mystery and Fiction fantasy --- but of course they both would center around our nighttime dreams, psychic abilities, other realms.. etc…. After I finish this next manuscript I will spend some time writing a fiction story that I carry around in my head right now.  


Just for fun, I have a few personal questions, 

Favorite 5

1)         Favorite Male Actor  - the actor from the TV show Psych who plays Shawn, not sure if he is my all-time favorite but he is the first that comes to the front of my mind right now.

2)         Favorite vehicle – any type of Volvo

3)         Favorite way to relax – Backpacking in the Cascades or Olympic mountains

4)         Favorite ice cream – Fudge Brownie or anything chocolate (aside mixed with peanut butter – ick I don’t like peanut butter)

5)         Favorite outfit – Jeans (not skinny) or a Sweet Spot Skirt with a T-shirt & Flip Flops

And for a bonus:  If you could pick any place in the world to live, besides where you are now, where would it be?  (Of course, without the hindrance of jobs or money needed)
Some place in South America or in Thailand… on the beach somewhere where I can be in bare feet and in a sun dress or bathing suit all day long.


Where can our readers find you?? 

Email:  dreams@ispeakindreams.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ISpeakinDreams

Amazon author page: http://www.amazon.com/Meredith-Smith/e/B009S7NNDW


Is there an upcoming or current release you would like to share with us today and where can we find it?
Yes I recently wrote a book called
DreamWorkers behind the Veil;
Night Shift Dreams.

DreamWorkers: Behind the Veil; Night Shift Dreams takes the reader on a journey through the dream realms far beyond the visible. As the reader journeys through these dreams, they awaken to the world of the dreamer working the Night Shift. DreamWorkers is a collection of dreams from people all over the world who traverse astral realms as they provide guidance and healing to the departed. DreamWorkers is meant to assist others in exploring the realm of their dreams, to bring the invisible into the visible, and to shed light on those who are always in service within their dreamtime.  Through this collection of dreams and research, the author works toward a lofty goal: to reach out to those whose existence lies on the thin boundary between waking and dreaming.


I appear, not knowing how I arrived at this familiar place, but I understand why I am here. As I stand waiting for what is to happen next, I am drawn to the window on the second floor of the dark building across the street. As if I am waiting for a signal, I am mesmerized by the glare on this window. I strain to see if there is someone or something watching me from the window, but fail to recognize any type of silhouette.    

Many nights, I find myself wandering down cobblestone streets of old European towns. The smaller towns are rich in history and filled with a solitude and familiarity for my soul. Sometimes I find myself engaging in conversation with several souls who recognize me from an earlier era that I had long forgotten about. There is one particular town, a place that feels like somewhere in Europe, where a cobblestone street corner exists as a portal to the afterlife. I have never travelled to this area in waking life, yet it is a destination my soul visits frequently. It is customary for me to help people cross over at this exact spot. Across the street from where I always stand is an old brick building with a store front. I sense that there are apartments on the two upper floors. The windows on the building feel hollow, empty, and dark, except for one on the upper floor, in a far corner. This particular window seems to be watching me; or rather, maybe it is someone who is watching me. I always glance up to acknowledge the energy lurking around this window, letting it know I am aware that they are there.

When I arrive at this spot, it is never in daylight. There is always a pitch black night sky with just one street lamp to the right of me that is lit up on the other side of the street. I always arrive at the corner of the cobblestone street at the exact moment I am needed—never early, never delayed. The instant I arrive, the first of a long line of the dead appear. There is no time for me to waste, to ask questions, or to hesitate; this is my task, my purpose. I promptly greet the energies of each soul and take their translucent left hand and together, swiftly, we cross the street to the other side. As we walk across the street, the atmosphere shifts, the vibration rises, and a stripping of the old takes place; what once was is now being cleansed.

Within the first seconds that we arrive on the other side of the cobblestone street, the soul always turns to me and says telepathically, “Thank You.” Instantly, the energy field around us fills with love and compassion—simple loving emotions most of the time forgotten in the physical form. I nod my head in gratitude. They move forward, drifting, transcending into what I am only capable of seeing as an unlit dark cobblestone alley.

To each of these souls, what they see, experience, and feel is something that is not contained within human words to describe; there is no translation, only radiant light. I watch as the shift of their frequency vibrates higher, and I sense these are images that are created to align with their spiritual beliefs. I sense the luminous light beckons them to dive in, to wash away what was in hopes of what is, and to create what will be.

Sometimes, I encounter a soul who will plead for me not to let go of their hand, or will request my companionship to walk with them further down the alley. With a gentle gesture of touch, I gracefully inform them that I am not allowed to cross the boundary line into the alley; I remind them that I must remain on this side.

About the Author:
Thanks to over 35 years of personal experience and exploration in the dreaming realm, Meredith Smith naturally receives messages from the dream realms to help guide others through their own personal healing process and translations of dreams. She has studied and trained in dream Interpretation, archetypes & symbolism, past life regression & hypnosis, Shamanic energy work, and Usui Reiki.  

Meredith Smith is an intuitive reader of dreams, images, spirits, and energy--- with her specialized training entwined with her own natural gifts -- she believes that dreams are pieces to one’s own personal soul’s journey (past, present, & future). Meredith Smith guides each dreamer through the process of putting together the symbolic pieces of their amazing magical travels through the astral realms. She is a dream translator, a dream intuitive, an astral traveler, a spirit rescuer, an empath, and an energy healer; Meredith speaks in dreams.


One last thing before we let you leave us :)  Do you have a favorite recipe you'd like to share?  I like to cook and am always looking for new recipes to try and share.

I actually get a lot of my recipes from the wordpress blog Five and Spice. We eat vegetarian in our house, so I follow the recipes and replace the meats with other options.
Very nice!  I added a link for Five and Spice so everyone can check them out too.  Thanks so much for that tip and for being with us today to learn more about you and your writing.  Can't wait to read Dreamworkers Behind the Veil!
Readers, make sure you get your copy today!
Until next time, happy reading :)

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