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Author, author... all about it !!

Today we have Andrew P. Weston with us...

Hi Andrew, so great to have you here with us.  Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I was born in a little town called Bearwood in the UK. As the name suggests, it was an area of sweeping forests and woodlands (once home to thousands of bears) and was all that remained of the mighty Forest of Arden of Middle-Ages fame.

My family was 5th generation military, (Royal Navy), and with that kind of heritage, it was almost a foregone conclusion which way my life would unfold.

Sure enough, despite being very creative and an avid sportsperson, I joined the military. I was originally accepted into the Navy on a 5 year ‘electronics and navigation’ accelerated promotion course. However, I changed my mind with only a month until enlistment and joined the Royal Marines instead.

Life was “interesting” to say the least, and I ended up serving in a specialist unit that travelled to all sorts of wonderful places around the world. Unfortunately, my work prevented me from enjoying those places – apart from the jungles of South America – which I loved.

Just under 9 years later, I joined the Police Service in the South West of the UK, and went on to serve in a number of diverse roles, (high speed pursuit driver, motorcyclist etc), and then later within Crime Intelligence.

Despite my rough and ‘thuggish’ exterior, I love drawing, poetry, gardening and dancing, and a huge animal lover – especially cats.

An accident at work ended my career earlier than intended, but that gave me time to devote myself to the writing I’d wanted to do for quite a number of years.


Do real life events find their way into your stories?

Certainly! In Guardian Angels – the first person rescued was a little boy who runs out in front of a truck. That was inspired by a true-life fatal accident I attended as a police officer. It was a heart-rending incident, and something I never forgot. In fact, it was one of many incidents that helped me create the Guardian Concept – a Global Emergency Rescue Service, capable of responding to events far more quickly than anything available today!

Do you ever mimic family members or people you know when you choose characters?

Oh yes indeed. In Guardian Angels, a main character who will develop throughout the books is Guardian Commander Anatt Yasin. You look at her – you’ll meet my wife! Ha ha. (At last – I can get her to do what I want!) (You do realize I’m a dead man for saying that? – Good-bye cruel world) J

Do you find yourself going back to the same inspiration for each story or is it always something different?

For me, it’s always something different. My head is crammed full of ideas from all sorts of ‘triggers’ throughout an eventful life. I struggle to find the time to get them all down.

When do you write?  Early morning? During the day sometime or all day?  After the kids go to bed?
During the summer, I work as a security officer at a hotel here on Kos. So it’s very difficult to find quality time. However, as from November, I’m going to try writing ‘full time’ for 6 months. I will write in the mornings, 6 days a week and conduct my research/checks, etc, for an hour or two in the afternoons. That will ensure my wife gets my undivided attention regularly…as she deserves for supporting me J

How do you feel about marketing your book?

Honestly? I’d love to know how to do it better. I don’t really have a clue how to do it ‘properly’.

What social sites do you feel work best for marketing?

Facebook and Twitter. But any suggestions – I’m game!

Do you like to pitch stories to your publisher or do you wait until you have written the story and have a final manuscript to turn in?

I usually finish the manuscript, and then see what they think. However, for the forthcoming Cambion Series, I was asked to submit a pitch. I did, for a series of 3 books. Then I was blown away when the pitch was accepted! Needless to say, I got busy writing.

Is there any other genre that you would love to try writing?  If so, what is it?

Steampunk! Just having the audacity to mix history with sci-fi/fantasy is a huge challenge. I’ve got a concept in mind, so, when the main series I’m currently committed to are complete, I might give it a try!

Do you always/ever see yourself as the heroine/hero when you write a story?

I always try to put something of myself into the main character. That way, I can appreciate how they would react under any given set of circumstances. (I could end up being psychoanalyzed here eh?)


Just for fun, I have a few personal questions, 

Favorite 5
1)    Favorite Male Actor  - Tommy Lee Jones
2)    Favorite vehicle – BMW 530d M Sport. (sigh).
3)    Favorite way to relax – Meditating in the garden with the cats or watching a movie.
4)    Favorite ice cream – I love chocolate and vanilla nut big cones
5)    Favorite outfit – My Batman and Tutu combo with flippers! A must when you want to make the right impression. (For really important meetings, I also add a comedy mustache!)

And for a bonus:  If you could pick any place in the world to live, besides where you are now, where would it be?  (Of course, without the hindrance of jobs or money needed)
Seriously? Now I’m writing, the U.S.A. Probably Texas. I have friends there I’ve visited in the past and it’s the right place to be to make contacts, attend events, and ensure the right marketing takes place. Where I am now…although idyllic, is the twilight zone of the world. (And I DEFINITELY want to go on a journey…)


Where can our readers find you?? 
Amazon Author Page:


Is there an upcoming or current release you would like to share with us today and where can we find it?
Thank you.

Guardian Angels.

In a series of terrifying events, otherworldly beings intervene to save innocent lives. The world community reacts with relief as they realize that angels may in fact exist, and they are diligently protecting us.

But there are those who would seek to stop what they feel is a threat against their livelihoods. How far will some go to battle the Guardians? Is the fairy tale over before it even begins?

Guardian Angels is a powerful and compelling story about the catalyst that has the power to unite society in the hope for a better future. The spark of hope is fragile—can it last?   Paperback  &  ebook   Paperback   &   ebook
Barnes and Noble   Paperback   &  ebook


Andrew thanks so much for being with us today and can't wait to read Guardian Angels !!

Readers, make sure you get your copy today !!

Until next time, happy reading!!


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