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Jan Scarbrough

Secrets is Jan's debut romance novel for Turquoise Morning Press

About our Author

  Jan Scarbrough dreamed of being a writer since she reported on freelance writing for a career project in the ninth grade.  After majoring in English at Western Kentucky University, she taught high school E#nglish.  Since 1982 she has made her living as a writer-a technical writer- but didnt have teh nerve to make her novel-writing dream come true until after a life threatening illness in 1988. 

Jan is a member of Romance Writers of America, has been active in her local Kentucky RWA chapter, and is a member of Novelist, Inc.  She has over twenty novels in print.

To find out more about this author please visit her at Jan Scarbrough and follow her on twitter

“Ms. Scarbrough has a way of involving sensuality without going in-depth so that younger readers cannot enjoy the book.” ~The Romance Studio
“I thoroughly enjoyed this story and felt that I was watching it unfold in front of me as if I was another character in the story.” ~NOR Reviews
“With a story that rings so true, the reader will feel like they had heard it at the local beauty parlor. The craft of this author keeps this story novel.” ~The Romance Reviews


How was she going to keep her secret? It had been with her like a living thing for twenty-one years.

With her daughter all grown up and married, single mom Kelly Baron can start her new life, responsible only for herself. But first she must help her mother by returning to the small Indiana town she'd fled years ago.

Newly divorced lawyer, Rob Scott, seeks solace in his small-town roots. The last thing he's looking for is a relationship- until he runs into Kelly, and the secret she's been keeping.

Quote from the book:

He kissed her then-a typical THomas kiss with lips pressed firmly shut and eyes closed. Kelly repsonded as always, timidly, tepidly--trying to deny the longing in her heart for the love of her life--someone who cherished her, didn't want to change her and loved her just the way she was.

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